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I’m Tired! January 6, 2011

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This redoing houses and moving is completely wearing me out!  And on top of that I’ve had a sick baby since Friday night.

I hate when Haddie’s sick.  No one sleeps well and I hate when I can’t really do anything to make her better (besides dosing her up with Tylenol and Ibuprofen).  I hate when I don’t really know why she has a fever.  She has had a fever on and off (pretty much on most of the time) since Saturday afternoon but hasn’t really many other symptoms.  So it always makes me wonder (slightly worry) what’s going on.  Is it just a virus?  Does she have an ear infection? UTI?  I hate taking her to the doctor to only hear thats its an virus and we can’t do anything but let it run its course.  I’m glad for somewhat of answers as to what its not…but I hate spending $40-90 to hear that we can’t do anything about it.  Not that she’s not worth spending the $ but you know what I mean.  I ended up taking her to the pediatrician (a new one…I’ll discuss that next) only to hear that it was probably a virus.  Although I’ve yet to see any other symptoms besides the fever.  But thankfully she seems to finally be getting a little better.  She was actually playing last night without clinging and whining to me.  And she even asked her Daddy to wrestle.

As to the new pediatrician we went to, I’m super impressed and wanted to pass this info on to those of you in my county.  We had been going to Pediatrics in Brevard and were overall satisfied except for the price.  We don’t have traditional insurance so we have to pay for all regular doctor’s visits.  Peds is at least $80 for a sick visit and usually around $140 for a well visit.  And that’s with their discount.  Yeah, a bit pricey, but honestly thats pretty much the same as everywhere else around here.  Except for this new one.

The one we went to this week, is actually a ARNP who has her own practice (she still has a Dr. overseeing her) in Melbourne.  Its a bit of a drive, but for the price and the quality service its worth it.  She specializes in uninsured children and only charges $40 for sick visits and $50 for well.  She doesn’t have any other staff so she answers her own phones and everything.  And she’s super friendly and helpful.  There was no wait time when we went and she spends as much time as you need with her.  She was great with Haddie, too.  So, if any of you are interested, I’ll give you her name and #.  I’d love for her to get more business since she’s doing such an awesome job.

Now onto the other source of my fatigue…

The new (to us) house is coming along rather nicely.  I’m so thankful for J & S’s help this week. They’re awesome! They’ve cleaned half of my windows and nasty window sills.  We’ve gotten almost all the rooms cleaned even with the walls, fans, ceilings and baseboards wiped down. Haddie’s room is almost completely painted and ready to start moving toys in.  Both broken windows have been replaced.  Seth finished replacing the whole electrical panel and is supposed to get inspected today so we can hopefully get the power turned back on soon.  Yeah, being without electricity has been quite interested for painting and cleaning!  Seth had lights hooked to his power inverter from his truck so we were working by fluorescent lights pulled from the garage.  Let’s just say life is never dull!  Seth’s also begun cutting down our crazy overgrown pepper trees in the backyard.  So we’re on our way…

Only every other room to paint and 2 bathrooms to clean…yippee! (I saw with a big sigh…a tired sigh that is).

But really, I’m not complaining.  I’m thankful that we were able to get this house and I’m excited about all the potential that I see.  I can’t wait to get all moved in so that we can start hanging out with the kids after school and really be able to do better youth ministry.  And I can’t wait to be closer to friends, family and the church building.

And we’re continuing to pray for God to provide us with good renters or a buyer for our current home.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds.


2 Responses to “I’m Tired!”

  1. Susan Says:

    I wonder if you saw the same ARNP Willa has seen since birth. She’s at Peds and I love her. She’s very friendly and seems to always remember us. She takes time to listen and ask questions, too.

    I hope Haddie gets better soon. She is even cuter in person!

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