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Homemade Preschool February 23, 2011

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Recently I have been getting back into the habit (well, I’m not sure if I ever really started it) of doing “preschool” with Haddie.

Of course, pretty much everything she already does could be considered preschool:
Free Play–baby dolls, kitchen stuff, blocks
Watching educational videos–sign language, even Dora and Diego have taught her a lot about types of animals, some Spanish words, etc
Playing outside & exploring
Helping me cook
Helping with chores (putting her dirty clothes away, putting toys away, unloading dishwasher, attempting to sweep, etc)
Finger painting
Reading books
Stringing Large Beads
Singing Songs (especially with motions)
Dress up (Princess, Doctor, Explorer, etc)
Playing Games (Go Fish, Old Maid, Cootie, Candy Land)
Even playing games on my IPhone (Spanish, Matching, Sign Language)

But I’ve started trying to be organized at least a little bit of this time so that she learns to sit still and at least start the idea of writing skills. She gets really excited about doing “school” and even asks for it on her own! Hope this continues!

We’ve been doing some Pre-K workbooks that help with colors, shapes, numbers, counting, comparisons, etc. So far we’ve worked in a couple Pooh books and a Dora one. My mom got most of these for Haddie as presents. Apparently she finds a good amount of them at thrift stores and also on sale at times.

Doing these workbooks have given me a few good ideas of things to hand make for additional learning:

Color by number
Take a coloring book that has relatively simple pictures and write numbers on top (like 1-5) with colors to correspond to each. Then write these numbers on parts of the picture for each color.

You can then talk about the different things in each picture. I chose a Bible story coloring book and plan to talk a little about each picture/story after or while she’s coloring it.

Matching Colors
Cut out pictures from magazines that have mainly one color in them. Gather construction paper that match each of the colors of pictures you’ve found. Set out the papers and the pictures and have the child glue (you’ll have to help with this part probably) the pictures to the papers with the matching colors. I’ve found that Haddie loves to glue pictures to paper!

Matching Letters
Cut out letters (the bigger the better) from magazines. Its best to have a variety of colors, fonts, and cases. You could use these multiple ways: 1.) Lay them out and have the child pick out certain letters as you say them. Or 2.) Use a similar idea like the matching colors above: Set out sheets of paper that you have written letters on (one letter on each sheet). Have the child glue each of the cut out letters on the corresponding papers.

I’ve also discovered that kids can learn and do so much more than we expect. Haddie loves learning Spanish and sign language (and teaching her has taught me a ton, too!). She also loves doing memory verses. I can’t believe that she can memorize the Bible already! She knows 4-5 already!


One Response to “Homemade Preschool”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Teaching at this age is so awesome!! Our 2-4yr old class is sky rocketing at church because of all the kids wanting to learn— and they are soaking up like sponges. They all learn their memory verse— and can repeat it any time. HOW cool!

    This stuff is awesome. I started teaching colors/shapes when I was watching that 3 year old and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! You’re such a good mom! Love learning from you! šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing!

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