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Target Deals (School stuff!) February 26, 2011

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I recently decided to join the trendy legging wearing club. I bought one pair from Ross for $5 and after the second wearing, I somehow got a run in them. It wouldn’t have been as bad (and probably woulda looked kinda “in style”) except it was right in the butt crack area…and you could totally see my underwear through them. Thankfully it happened sometime after I arrived home…at least that’s when I noticed it…and I’m hoping that’s when it actually happened.

Anyways…I went into Target the other night to get some new leggings since I have 3 new shirts that I can’t wear without leggings (some of the girls told me they were on sale). Well, I left without leggings (they were back up to $8 each)..and I came out with 3 bags and about $40 poorer. But I am still excited about what I found and I think I got some pretty good deals so I wanted to share them.

Target currently has their children’s Circo socks on sale. They’re the individually packaged ones that have the size written on the bottom of them. They’re normally $1, but I got them 3 for $2 (that’s $.67 each!).

I also got Haddie a cute white sweater to go with her church outfits. It was on sale for $5.50. Pretty good, huh?

They have some really cute gift bags in their dollar section. Some are smaller and packaged together (2/$1).

I also bought some treats for Haddie that I plan to wrap and give her occasionally. Most of them I’ll use for “school” type stuff, too.

Stuff to plant and decorate a wildflower garden:


Can’t do school without the Dora pencils and a cute clipboard!

And surely we’ll find some use for this Dora dry erase board…

Time to find some bugs! (And do “bug school” as Haddie calls it)

And the only things I bought for myself:
Two hook sets to hang on the wall to hold all my pretty (mostly handmade) necklaces!

I’d say it was a pretty good trip, afterall, huh?


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