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And So It Begins February 28, 2011

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 3:49 pm

I decided, kinda impromptu to make this week an official potty training week. I’m so tired of buying diapers and changing them (especially the you know what kind). And the kid seriously can pee just fine in the potty but I am convinced that she prefers her diaper just to irk me. So, we’ve begun on the “Operation Potty Train” week.

I pumped her up for this week last night by singing potty songs. Yes, you read that right! I’m even pretty proud of my song and I think its pretty ingenius!

The first one– We just keep saying “No more diapers” in different keys and sometimes as a chant. I got her saying it a lot!

The second one–(To the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle”)

Tinkle, Tinkle in the potty,
No more diapers,
Only Undies!

Oh, you know you like it!

And she was all set last night at bedtime that this week was going to be no more diapers and that she was officially going to become a “big girl.”

Well, this morning when Seth went into her room, the first thing she said was “I don’t want to grow up. I can’t be big, I’m too little!” Yeah, nice try, kid! She has a small crying fit this morning when I once again reiterated that she was going to start using the potty now on. She was ok with #1, but she is still freaked out by #2. We had a whole discussion about how much yuckier it is to have it in your pants than to just go in the potty. So, now i’ve already resorted to promising her a special present if she goes #2 in the potty. This is where the $1 presents that I bought from Target last week will come into play. I’m hoping that once she successfully goes a couple times she’ll realize it isn’t as freaky as she thinks (at least not as much as going in a diaper).

So, here goes nothing…I’m hoping we succeed this time so that we don’t have to take a break and start again later!


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