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Bread of Life (Mark 8) March 23, 2011

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Here’s some more sermon notes from a Sunday service at FCCMI:


“Bread of Life” (Mark 8 )


  • Jesus was proving Himself by feeding the 4,000 & 5,000
  • Communion is the greatest proof of Jesus’ diety
    • He didn’t just conquer the world, He can handle anything!
  • People who actually seek out the truth and “get into the ring” find that Jesus is God.
  • Mark 8= Is like a base camp (camps on Mt. Everest) (Gives a series of stories to make a point about who Jesus is)
    1. Feeding of 4,000
    2. Pharisees questioning Jesus to catch him
      • They wanted a miraculous sign–>He just fed 4,000!
      • Jesus says “No!” because they want it done their way–> want to put him in a box
      • Yeast of the Pharisees–> “I don’t get to decide where and when God’s power is displayed or how He answers our prayers!”
    3. Healing blind man (with spit!)
      • We can’t judge the “right” way to heal people
    4. Peter’s confession
      • Jesus says “Don’t tell others yet”–> They can’t handle/understand it yet
    5. Jesus predicts His death
      • Peter tried to make Jesus fit into his mold
      • Playing into Satan’s hands
      • When you’re ready to lay it down–>Then you’re ready to follow Christ!

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