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Free cookbooks on Amazon for Kindle March 23, 2011

Filed under: Books,Life — Lacey @ 12:46 pm

I found out this sweet deal from my new favorite blog: http://happyhousewife.com


If you have a Kindle, IPhone, IPad or Mac, (maybe others, not sure), you can download the Kindle app for FREE and there are a lot of FREE books on Amazon.  I also recently found out that you can download a FREE ebook reader from Christian Book Distributors (http://cbd.com) and they also have a number of FREE ebooks to read from there too (mainly fiction).

Anyways, there are 4 FREE cookbooks from Circle of Friends on Amazon that are amazing!

-25 Slow Cooker Recipes

-25 Meatloaf Recipes

-25 Mac N Cheese Recipes

-25 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes


So far I’ve only tried 2 recipes from the slow cooker book, but I’m not disappointed!  I’m going to try the cookie one today for my high school D-Group.


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