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People Get Ready April 12, 2011

Filed under: God thoughts,Life — Lacey @ 10:55 pm

Recently Haddie’s been really stuck on wanting to sing the chorus to the song People Get Ready. It goes something like this:

People Get Ready
Jesus is Coming
Soon we’ll be going home

People get ready
Jesus is coming
To take from the world His own

People get ready
People get ready

One night recently she kept asking for us to sing the song about people getting dressed. It took us a while to get what she meant until she said, “yeah, the song about people getting ready to go.” She was meaning this song, of course. I laughed pretty hard.

I explained what the song really meant and how we are going to our home in heaven. A couple different nights we’ve talked about heaven and its so funny to hear what she wants to have in her house in heaven.

She’s decided that she wants a purple house with a purple and pink room. She wants a pool and wants to swim with Jesus in it. She also wants pink, red and purple bathing suits. She wants lions, elephants and a sloth to be at her house, too. Oh how I love kids’ imaginations and their innocence. And I don’t doubt that one day she’ll probably be able to have all of these things in her heavenly home! Can’t wait to see what that will be like.

What would you want in your heavenly home?

Are you getting ready?


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