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Potty Party May 4, 2011

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So we’ve officially succeeded in a lot if the potty training battle. But we’ve not won the war yet…more on that later.

A good friend gave me advice that you may have to attempt potty training several times because no matter how much a kid seems ready, sometimes he or she’s not. I can’t really count my attempts at training haddie. Probably at least 3-5+. But this time I think it’s stuck. Well at least mostly.

This may be TMI for some of you, but you parents will understand. Thankfully she’s gotten the peeing down consistently. She’s worn undies to church and out running errands numerous times without any accidents! Yay! However she’s still uncomfortable about going #2 in the potty. She’s only done it once (since we’ve been on this training attempt). Usually she ends up going in her pull ups during nap and night time. I tried having her sleep in undies to avoid this (with a couple of layers of towels under her to avoid multiple sheet changes). She stayed dry for a couple nap times and actually all one night…until she climbed into our bed early one morning… So we’re handling this potty thing one step at a time. But I’m so proud of her for the progress so far!

I let her pick out undies today at Walmart. See, she only had 6 pairs of Dora undies and she went through them quicker than I could keep up with. I actually had to scrounge for alternatives a few times…let’s just say that dress bloomers and bathing suit bottoms work just fine!

So, as a reward for her success I let her pick out the undies. For one thing, Walmart doesn’t have a huge selection for her little size. Second, you know she had to pick the most expensive set…because they’re the character ones of course. Now she has added Blues Clues, Wonder Pets and Sponge Bob (Seth is so proud. Lol) to her collection. Third, these undies are more expensive than the basic ones I buy. TMI? but seriously, $8+ for 6 pairs of teeny undies? Oh brother. Yes, I did buy them…so it was my choice, I know. But she won’t be getting the expensive ones for the next sizes (well, at least probably not!).

She was so excited about her undies that she had to hold the package in the cart and in the car. I looked back on the way home and what I saw cracked me up! Guess she’s following my family’s tradition…



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