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CVS Sweet Deals May 5, 2011

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Recently I’ve started to join the couponing and deal shopping mom mob. Each Sunday I try to buy 2 Sunday papers so that I can get double coupons to use especially for BOGO deals. I’m trying hard to not buy something because I have a coupon. I’m trying to calculate the price after coupons and only purchase an item if it is actually cheaper than the generic version from ALDI or Walmart. I am clipping coupons from brands that I normally don’t buy just in case i find a seriously great deal to stack them with.

I found a pretty great deal at CVS today.


I got all this for $33!
Well, actually I got it for $58.62 but I have multiple coupons for $ off on my next visits. I have a total of $15.54 off my next purchases (regardless of what I buy!). So taking that into account I really only spent $33.08 and saved $57.17 (from coupons and CVS specials)!

Here’s what I got and the ending prices:
2 big (20 oz) candles=$4.40 each

2 Right Guard body washes= $.50 each!!

2 Colgate toothpastes (6 oz)= I made .$75 off of these! Yes, they paid me to take them!!

Covergirl mascara & eyeliner= total $9

Bic Soleil Razor Blades (4 count box) = $.99!!

Dove & Herseys bliss chocolates= $2 a bag

Nivea sun-kissed beautiful legs (2) (gradual tan moisturizer and shave minimizer) =$7 each
(Shhh…if you notice my legs getting tanner, don’t tell my secret!)

Well the candles and candy can make great Mother’s Day and future bday presents!


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