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Haddie’s 1st Library Trip May 5, 2011

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Today I took Haddie to her first trip to the library. Ok, I know I’m a slacking mom in this category. No, we’ve never been to story time. But we’ll probably start soon! The child honestly has enough books to supply a small nation of children, but it’s always nice to read something new! We also got Haddie her own library card, too!

I hadn’t been in a library in years. And looking at all the books and resources brought back good memories of childhood and our library trips with my dad. And all the books I’ve read and can’t wait to introduce to Haddie: Boxcar Kids, Babysitter’s Club, Nancy Drew…

And I know now beyond a shadow of any doubt that we will be living in the library once Haddie gets older and we start more organized homeschooling. The resources there are beyond imagining. I really like The Happy Housewife’s blog and her latest entry on homeschooling and creating unit studies (check out her blog…I’d put a link here but I’m using my phone to type since my computer’s still being fixed…and it’s too hard to do right now). Based on her idea of lesson planning I bet the librarians are going to know us on a first name basis!

Here’s Haddie and her picks for today:


I have no idea how she does it, but she has some sort of Diego and Dora sonar. She found their books and movies right away! And of course I had to limit her to just a few picks. Although she kept handing me a ton of books! We also found a learning Spanish w Diego & Dora kit. I’m excited to try it out with her. I was also surprised to find that they had Signing Time DVDs. I know we’ll be checking those out sometime soon, too!


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