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Adventures! May 11, 2011

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We’ve had some interesting adventures in our life this week. We decided to celebrate Mother’s Day on Monday since Sundays are always so busy and we barely see each other. So the fun (adventures) started yesterday.

Seth took Haddie to the store to go present shopping in the morning. I was laying down still when he left because of a headache. Much to my dismay…because he always seem to dress her like a ragamuffin when he takes her to the store if I dont politely intercede. I mean, I try not to limit his fatherly freedoms, but we have to have some standards right? Haddie went to the stores in her pajama shirt and undies. Apparently Seth thought her loose long shirt (went just long enough to just cover her undies if she doesn’t move…which of course doesn’t ever happen) was a dress. And she had her crazy bedhead. So, if you saw them out and about, please erase those minutes from your memory and know that I do bathe and clothe my child properly, especially when we leave the house! Lol.

Okay, back on topic. They bought me 15 bags of mulch to finish up my flower gardens. Later in the day he helped me weed and put the mulch down. Of course we ran out of mulch. So we’ll have to finish that up another day.

Yesterday also held the bee adventure. Seth and Tim moved the bees from the ghetto cooler (which they chose on their own), to a proper bee keeping box. We’re grateful for Tim’s expertise and generosity in buying all the equipment. He said he was just looking for an excuse. Haddie and I watched safely from her bedroom window as Tim said it was going to be quite messy and involve many stings! The bees surprisingly didn’t sting them (well Tim got one) even though they looked super mad!

Here’s some pics…not sure how well you can tell from them though.



The bees are safely inside their new home. And we got some more honey:



And I’ve noticed a couple bees on the comb a couple times. It took me a little while until I realized that they were hatching from the comb!! Thankfully they come out covered in honey so they can’t fly yet. I carefully delivered them outside and eventually we moved the whole comb out to the porch as we saw more attempting to hatch! It was a little creepy, but kinda cool, too!

Today we adventured to the property that Seth’s mom recently purchased in the middle of nowhere Scottsmoor. They’re going to be using it for youth group stuff like camping, mudding and airsoft. It was interesting. You can’t get to the property by vehicle yet. So we has to drive the truck a ways into the woods then walk the rest of the way.

We ate our picnic lunch first and then were ready to start on our hike until Haddie announced she had to pee. The kid wouldn’t pee in the woods regardless of the amount of coaxing we attempted. Seth even got out the camping toilet that has an actual toilet seat on it. She still wouldn’t budge. She insisted that she would go potty at home. I tried to tell her that it would be a long time until we’d be back home, but she still refused. I dreaded the wet pants that I knew would come, but surprisingly, she held it all 3 hrs during the trip. And peed again at home of course! This kid is going to have to learn to tough it out. Lol

The property was victim to some of the Forrest fires during the past few years so it’s very dry, charred and black. There’s not much growing except for weeds and palmettos. Which makes for hardly any shade or grass. But there is a small pond and lots of tiny toads hopping around. We had fun trying to catch a few.

Here’s a few of our trip pics:







It was a fun trip, but I was quite worn out and ended up with a headache from the heat. Haddie was too funny the whole time asking if we were going to see any crocodiles (because of the small lake). No matter how many times we said there weren’t crocodiles in this area, just alligators, she never got it. But she loved saying that we were on an adventure just like Diego!


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