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Rescued!! May 13, 2011

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 5:05 pm

You may have been quite interested in reading this post after seeing the title. Maybe you expected some big heroic rescue and near death experience. Or at least some risk or physical peril. Well, thankfully you will read none of that here (at least this time). But I am super excited about the rescue of my excel spreadsheet entitled “Checkbook&Bills”! Ok, I know it sounds boring, but it is a super important file. Especially to my neurotic organized self.

See, I almost had a heartache a couple weeks ago when my husband informed me that all my saved files were gone! See my computer had crashed. I honestly didn’t panic then because all my files were saved on an external hard drive. My panic set in after Seth informed me that he had fixed the computer (needed a new hard drive) and then moved the files over to the computer in order to wipe and reformat the external drive. It wouldnt have been a big deal except that the computer crashed a second time!! And took all my files with it…including my thousands of pictured, our financial spreadsheet file for the past 5+ yrs and many other necessities.

Seth has spent the last 2 weeks running restorations on both the hard drive and the computer. Thankfully he found my pictures, but now they’re just a jumble mess instead of being in the nice pretty detailed folders. Not to mention that they all now have the same date file on them…so there’s no easy sorting that way. Yeah, Ive been avoiding even opening IPhoto at this point. But at least they’re all supposedly found.

He also found all my other files except for the much needed checkbook spreadsheet. So for about two weeks I have been completely avoiding the idea of trying to blindly balance my checkbook and pay my bills (no, I didnt actually miss any due dates, I knew that much).

Yesterday I finally resolved to tackle the mess of receipts on my desk and to somehow pretend like I knew how much money we actually had to our names. I think I did a pretty good job attempting to do much of it from memory. But I still started praying hard that we could find that file because I hated knowing that 4 months of my painstaking records were down the drain…

And amazingly…Seth actually found it today!!! I know it has to be an answer to prayer because what’s the odds of it finally working the 2nd time around? That and because I know that my God is pretty sweet!!

So I’m such a nerd because I’m honestly excited about getting it up to date and all organized again.

Ah. I like having my life, my finances and my faith all in order. See, that’s how I roll 🙂


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