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This Week’s Sweet CVS & Walgreens Deals May 24, 2011

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 3:54 pm

I did my weekly CVS & Walgreens shopping today. Here are the deals I scored…



I spent $66.84 but got coupons for $15.99 off my next purchases. So I really only spent $50.85.

Here’s the breakdown:

2 Liter Cokes -$1 each

Purex (33 loads) -$.98 (on sale for 1.98 and had $1 off coupon)

Green bag tag – $0 (normally $.99 but had coupon for FREE one. Use it on a reusable bag when you shop and get $1 back for every 4 visits)

Tident gum – -$.99! Yes, they paid me $.99 to take it! (normally $.99 but they had a special where you get $.99 back in Extra Bucks and I had a $.99 coupon!

2 large candles- BOGO FREE (worked out to $4.40 each)

Revlon nail polish- $.99 each (can get up to 4 w the deal)

Jergens natural glow moisturizers- $5.49 for 2! (BOGO FREE and I had 2 $2 off coupons)

Aveeno facial moisturizers- $22.18 for 2 (BOGO half off w $3 off coupon)

Suave deodorant -$.50 each ($1 each w $.50 off coupon)

Irish spring body wash $ deodorant- $.50 each ($1 each w $.50 off coupon)

CVS brand pull ups $4.99



I spent $43.95 and got $24 of coupons off my next purchase. So I spent $19.95!

Reeses -$3.69

Lemonheads & lemon drops- $.99 each

Scunci hair bands -FREE! (pay $2 get $2 back in register rewards

2 Caress body washes & 2 suave lotions- $3.50 for all 4! (4 for $8 plus I had a BOGO coupon and 2 $.75 off coupons)

2 Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreens, Playtex sport tampons and Skintimate shaving cream- $8.95 for all 4! (Get $10 back after spending $25, plus coupons for each)

Complete contact solution- FREE (pay $8 get coupon for $8 back)

Cheerios $1.50 each (on sale for $1.99 each and I had a coupon for $1 off two)


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