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Grilled Asparagus June 17, 2011

Filed under: Recipes,Side Dishes/Snacks — Lacey @ 12:28 am

I am not an asparagus fan. Honestly I’ve only eaten it a couple times and not really liked it either time. I saw this recipe on The Happy Housewife’s blog
And thought since I was already going to grill chicken, I’d give it a try. Honestly it was pretty good.


My only complaint is that it was hard to skewer the asparagus. Not sure if they were just not thick enough or I don’t have skewer-skills. And of course once I closed the lid of the grill, half of the asparagus ended up right on top of the flames and got super burned.


I’d still probably try to make it again or at least use the marinade and then put it in the oven. If I grill it again I think I’ll put some foil down so I don’t loose some of them between the grate.

Here’s the link:



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