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On The Road Again July 9, 2011

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We have been on the road since about 10:30 last night, headed for Knoxville, TN for the first ever THUH event at Johnson University.

First we’re stopping at Horn’s Creek in Ocoee, TN. We’re going to be enjoying a large cabin and taking advantage of the R & R. Tomorrow after we double a small country church’s attendance, we’re going white water rafting.

It’s going to be an awesome trip and I’m so thrilled with how it’s going so far. Our prayers have really been answered with no student drama or bad attitudes. We’ve stopped numerous times to fix the AC, and while we’ve had some complaining, everyone seems to be making the best of it.

So far we’ve enjoyed games of Farkle, UNO, Othello, Mafia, Catch Phrase and more. And we even camped outgrow an hour at Lowes on a patio display and outside in the shade.

We have a hot bus full of 29 high school students and 5 adults. A second bus with young adults are an hour or so behind us (they had a flat tire 20 miles after they left…it’s a tradition anymore!). We have 5 brand new students with us and a few almost new. I’m really happy with how friendly and open they’ve all been so far.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for is this week. Please pray for our group. We have a few students who don’t know Jesus yet. Others that need to get back on track and the rest of us just need to be reenergized.

And I’m so glad that I decided to come on this trip. I will dearly miss my daughter (I already do!). But I know she’s having fun with Grandma and Carlos:



And I have to push through a number of anxiety issues that always crop up with trips. But I’m excited to be able to spend a full 8 days with these students. I realize again how much I’ve missed this in years past.

So please keep on praying! God’s already answered our many prayers and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store!


One Response to “On The Road Again”

  1. addy1013 Says:

    you are hardcore-blogging en route. see you monday!

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