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Impromptu Praising July 10, 2011

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We crowded into the small country church for service and ended up being early for Sunday school. We filled up one side of the auditorium and multiplied their class of all 6+ people. We were really proud of our students as they listened well, had their Bibles opened and some even took notes. We were taught by a pretty tall older man who was very knowledgable.

The preacher was quite the opposite. Well, he was very knowedgable and shared a great message. However, his statue was quite the opposite. He was quite short (yes, I know, ironic that it’s me commenting on it). Good thing our group had visited this church 2 years ago to know that this man was indeed the preacher and not just a dressed up kid. No joke. But it made it neat and made a good point in my mind that your appearance doesn’t discount from being in ministry.

Well, before Sunday School even started the organist asked if anyone could sight read piano. Michaela said she could and she was quickly roped into accompanying the sweet older lady on her organ. They also asked for a song leader and we quickly volunteered Jed and Brandon. I ended up helping Michaela play piano. It was quite an interesting experience. It’s been a long time since I actually played piano for church. But I grew up playing hymns so it wasn’t too bad.

Now we’re gearing up to go white water rafting. Should be interesting!

Here’s our group having fun at good ole BK at lunch:









And here’s the church we visited:



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