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I Love These Students July 12, 2011

Filed under: God thoughts,Life — Lacey @ 1:33 am

Over the past two days I have again been reminded how much I love our kids, I mean “students.” I am really glad that I came on this trip and it’s really only still the beginning!

I have enjoyed getting to talk to some of the students that I’ve never met or at least don’t get to interact w deeply on a regular basis. I am so encouraged by how many of them have matured in the past couple years since I’ve spent so much time with them. We truly have some amazing kids. And God’s got some awesome servants and future ministry leaders right here!

I am so thankful for our kids’ positive attitudes. Of course there’s some complaining on and off but nothing too serious. They’ve gone with the flow (the hot, sneaky, sweaty flow!) and they’ve been pretty good sports about it all.

I’m proud of our girls. I’m so relieved to say that they’ve been pretty respectful of our dress code and have fixed outfits when I’ve asked. I’ve even had a few that have asked about each outfit before they’ve even worn it. I really appreciate their concern and respect.

Of course there have been small (“drama”) bumps along the way, but the kids have dealt with them and been respectful of how we’ve asked them to resolve them. I’m proud of a number of them for handling things quite maturely.

We really do have an awesome group of students that I’m proud to call MI Youth 🙂

On another note, we’re going tubing tomorrow. Should be interesting…especially since it’s with a company called River Rats… Really doesn’t sound quite enticing does it?


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