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Drop Dead Quilter July 26, 2011

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A couple months ago, I finally decided to try quilting. I had been meaning to learn (and had kept talking about it) since before Christmas time. I kept saying that I would start as soon as things slow down. I know, haha. It never happens. Well, it sure didn’t happen for a while since we ended up buying a house, redoing it, getting moved in and then fixing up our other one to rent. Which, by the way, we finally got rented back in April. Hallelujah! I’m not sure if I ever actually blogged about that. So, yeah, so far our renters have been good. We’ve gotten the payments on time and no complaints or problems. Here’s hoping and praying that it stays that way. Ok, onto what I was actually meaning to post about…

One of the main reasons I wanted to learn to quilt was so that I could spend some time with Mama (Seth’s grandma). I wanted to learn the skill from the expert! Even though she always denies she knows that much. When I first asked her, she kept saying she’d rather me learn from someone better. That she’d even pay for me to take a class. But I finally convinced her that part of the reason I wanted to do it was to learn from HER, not someone else. So, she agreed.

She gave me a basic book to look through and then I went to her with my questions. I bought my basics (quilting thimble, rotary cutter, thick plastic measuring ruler, the self-healing cutting mat, and quilting thread (apparently its thicker than basic thread, who knew?). I got some of the basics at Walmart and the rest at Hancock fabrics.


Then I gathered my fabric scraps and headed to Mama again. See, another of the reasons I wanted to make this quilt was to use a lot of the scraps that I have left from various hemming projects and from other memory fabrics. I wanted to make something to remember it all.

I am using fabric pieces from a dress of Haddie’s, an old baby outfit of mine that my mom made, curtains from our first house, my bridesmaid dress from my sister-in-law’s wedding, some scrubs that I had to use from my first job in the mental health field, and some other neat fabrics I had laying around.




I have more scraps to use, but they’re of a more cottony/stretchy materials that Mama said doesn’t always work well in a quilt. So I’m going to try to use all of them together in a different type quilt or something later when I’m more experienced. These scraps include some old pajama pants of mine from back in high school (that I was wearing up til a couple months ago when they um…gave out), some other baby outfits of Haddie’s, Seth’s baby pillow, etc.

During this project I’ve been reminded again about how I really stink at patience and small details. It is super hard to correctly measure and cut all these small pieces. The idea seems and looks easy but I really stink at it. I couldn’t be an artitect or engineer! I can’t measure! But I’m still having fun and can’t wait to see how this all
turns out!

During the time I started this project, I discovered an awesome show on Netflix–Drop Dead Diva. Ok, I know it sounds kinda weird, but its really great and I’ve already gotten a number of friends hooked on it! Even Seth enjoyed it! The first season is on Netflix instant, and the second one is available by DVD from Netflix or on Hulu. The show is pretty clean and is pretty positive. Its also funny and entertaining. I’m excited too because the 3rd season just started on Lifetime. A friend is DVRing it for us to watch and I’m assuming it available on HULU or Lifetime.com, too. The show seriously became addicting! I don’t know how I’m going to handle it spaced out a week at a time!

I’ve actually taken a break on the quilt for the last few weeks, but I really want to get back to it soon. The front layer is starting to really shape up nicely. Here’s what it looked like with all the squares laid out:



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