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Here We Are Again July 29, 2011

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It’s almost midnight and I’m laying here blogging and getting ready to read my Bible. I missed blogging last night because I ended up having a pretty bad headache. So here’s my productive report from yesterday:

Nothing too exciting, but I ended up working in my flower gardens since it’s was pretty cloudy and a little cooler (like if you consider the 80’s cooler…actually I don’t really know what the temp was). I made it through weeding and trimming two of the three front beds. Hopefully I’ll finish the other front one before the weeds start growing big in the first one again. A girl can hope, right?

In the process of weeding I finally met my neighbor across the street. Yep, 6 months later. People around here just don’t seem to come out in their front yards much (us included). That or they’re too friendly, like ol’ Maybel, who opened my front door and started to come on in all by herself. Dementia will do that to you, I guess. But that’s a whole other story.

I got the gardening done, but ended up with a bad headache afterwards. Seems to happen every time. I think it’s the heat and pulling, sitting, stretching in weird positions. Medicine and a rest later and it still didn’t go away.

But I made myself go to our high school d-group even though I really wanted to stay in my dark room and sleep some more. So that’s an accomplishment for me this week, too.

As far as today, not too much accomplished…or so it feels. Did the pile of dishes in the sink, cleaned up the kitchen some, did a couple loads of laundry (well, more like started…they’re not all the way done yet), ran some errands, picked up my glasses from the dr (I wonder what the record is for people picking their orders up? It took me 3 weeks and I felt like that was a while).

And this afternoon I felt like all I accomplished was not pulling my hair out. I seriously had NO patience and I felt like my child was super annoying and disobedient! While shopping she kept grabbing stuff off the shelves and randomly exclaiming “I just want to go home!” She made it sound like we were on a shopping marathon (we weren’t!). And I felt like she had to touch every single dirty surface available. She even stumbled while pulling up her pants in the Taco Bell bathroom and proceeded to just sit her bare bottom down ON THE FLOOR while she took her merry time getting her britches in order. Of course I freaked and yanked her up. Gross, gross, gross.

And she was just getting on my last nerve at home. Of course it didn’t help that she didn’t get a full nap but instead snoozed on the way home from our errands. Afterwards it seemed like everything caused a tantrum. And that she had to be touching everything she wasnt supposed to and refusing to obey.

At one point I told her to go to her room and she said “I don’t want to!” and ran to my room and slammed the door. I went in and um, disciplined her, then sent her to her room with the order to not slam the door. And you know what she did, right? Oh the joys.

I have to remind myself that shes only 2. Yes, she’ll be 3 in less than 2 weeks…but still, she’s not 12. Sometimes I feel like she is though. She is so smart in so many ways that I forget her emotions and self control are still just 2.

And I have to remind myself over and over that many of the times she’s being defiant, she just needs my attention. And she’s getting it…just not in the way she needs. So I have to remind myself to stop what I’m doing, focus and look her square in the eyes as I’m talking to her and to try to stop whatever project I’m doing to play for a bit. It’s a lot easier said than done for this project driven mama.

I struggled so much with a lousy inward attitude this afternoon. I realized at one point that I hadn’t done my devos and that I really needed God’s help to get out of my funk. It didn’t happen automatically, but as I forced myself to prayer journal then to get out and go to the music practice, then out to fellowship with friends, I slowly got out of my attitude.

But I was still bummed when my sleepy hubby was too tired to hang out and even watch an episode on Netflix of our new fav show Daybreak. We haven’t gotten to spend much time together in the past few days/evenings considering last night I went to bed early because of my migraine and the night before he passed out from benadryl. But anyways…such is the life.

Hoping tomorrow will be a bit more productive since I’ll be cleaning my humble abode for our Dgroup meeting.


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