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Friday Fiesta (de Stacie!) July 30, 2011

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Today was another good productive day (yay!). Although I’m back to slacking on getting up at a good time (thanks to staying up too late and a kiddo that doesn’t want to stay in her own bed), and I didn’t have the best of a devo today… But on another note…

Seth finally cut the wood for my new kickboards and makeshift replacement for the under the fridge grill. I painted them:


And now they’re installed! So no more gaping hole…

And no more seeing everything under my sink! Yay!

The kitchen is almost done! I just need to make the curtains for the doors and get a curtain rod for the window. I had a couple spring rods laying around but they were both just an inch too short. Super annoying! Almost made me want to resort to putting something on the side of the rod to make it longer. Maybe like dictionaries on both sides?? Lol. When we moved in one d the bedrooms actually had dictionaries holding up a curtain rod. Yep. Pretty classy. Went great the weight lifting equipment and random mirrors leaned against the walls. Good thing we’ve upgraded since then.

Got all my cleaning and laundry down just in time for D Group. Barely got the laundry off the couch and loaded in the baskets before most everyone showed up. Yikes…no need to leave the unmentionables out there. One week I totally found a sports bra that hadn’t been picked up. It was stuck underneath a pillow where one of the guys had been sitting. Still hoping he never actually realized it was there!

And we got to have another mini birthday party during our group time this week. It’s Stacie’s bday on Sunday so we made her favorite meal of tacos, dips, homemade salsa, fruit pizza, cupcakes and cookies. Yummy! And no Mexican dress required! (If you dont get it…just go a few posts back to the Redneck party one…)

Oh and last but not least…we hatched ourselves a baby lizard!


We ended up letting it go on the porch since I wasn’t about to catch bugs for it to eat. Gotta draw the line somewhere. And really, what kinda bugs do baby lizards eat anyways? Now he’s been commissioned to go forth and keep my porch bug free. Now let’s see if his 10 other egg friends decide to hatch, too!

Well, that’s about all folks. Probably should go to sleep soon since I have a workout date to Tae Bo tomorrow. Let’s see how long I last…both working out and without laughing!


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