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Guess I’ll Be Teaching Science August 31, 2011

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I bought a Groupon about a month ago for Insect Lore. For $10, I got a butterfly garden set worth $20. I think it’s actually still on Groupon or at least it was a couple days ago.

The butterfly garden is a set that allows you to grow actual caterpillars into butterflies. Once you put your order in, the company sends you the set with 5 live caterpillars. They’re all in a small cup with food that looks like peanut butter. You leave them in the cup until they crawl up and go into their cocoon (actually called a chrysalis). Once all 5 have, you open the cup and pin the paper layer (from inside the lid) into the pop up mesh container. From there it takes about a week or two until they hatch (is that the right word?). Then you can watch the butterflies, feed them with sugar water, flowers and citrus (who knew!).

Well, we got the caterpillars in the mail exactly one week ago.


And by Sunday, they were all in their cocoons.

Here’s a pic of them starting to hang upside down:


And here’s some pics of their all the way cocooned:





I’m excited to see the next process of them becoming butterflies.

Haddie and I even picked up another caterpillar. After a party on Sunday, we found this crazy caterpillar beside our car.


I had an empty water bottle so I managed to get him inside without touching him. I was kinda afraid he might sting. I remember stepping on some caterpillars as a kid that had spiky things on their backs that stung and left marks shaped like their bodies in our feet.

After we got the other caterpillars out of their cup, we stuck him inside. I hoped he might eat the same food, but after researching online some, it looks like they only eat oleander leaves. Two of our neighbors have oleander trees and I’m debating about sneaking near their fence to nab a few leaves.

I guess it’s called an oleander caterpillar. It actually turns into a weird moth thing that resembles a wasp.


I’m even considering making an ant farm with Haddie eventually. Messing with all these bugs recently has made me realize how much bugs don’t really bug me. Well…except for roaches and spiders. That’s where I draw the line!

I also am not creeped out by lizards or worms. But I don’t do snakes. Something about feeling like they’re more dangerous or something. Maybe it’s a deep seated distrust that goes back to The Garden. You know, Eden.

But anyways, since I’m good with bugs and the like, I’ve been nominated by Adrienne to be responsible for the science part of our homeschooling. Lol. Who woulda thunk? Thanks dad for taking us kids fishing, teaching us about bugs and animals and helping to dissect fish and stuff. Funny, I just now remembered that I was the one who had to actually do the animal dissecting in high school biology. The rest of my group were always too chicken. All those experiences may now be finally used for some good.

Guess I still have a bit of tomboy in me… All except for the sporty side. I have no athlete coordination whatsoever. But thats a whole other post.


Take Two August 30, 2011

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Seems like it’s the cool trend to plant a vegetable garden. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, too. I tried once at the house in Cocoa. It did good for a while then it seemed to disintegrate between bugs, the heat and fungus. We got a few tomatoes and squash from it, but nothing worth the effort that I put into it. I gave up and didnt do another one the next couple years.

Now that our new yard has a lot more space, I thought it might be time to try again. And I’d like for Haddie to be able to help this time. Last time she was still under a year old. Plus this garden will have no problem being pollinated since we have our own beehive!

So, I bought some seeds at Walmart to start. I decided on basil, lettuce and broccoli. Haddie had already gotten watermelon and sunflower seeds for her birthday in a gardening set. And I’m thinking about buying some berry bushes. I also have some seeds from the previous garden (yellow squash, zucchini, corn, cantaloupe), but I’m not sure I’m going to use them since they’re a couple years old and didn’t produce the best plants last time. Anyone have any advice on that one?

The lettuce said that it may not germinate outdoors if it’s too hot, so I decided to start it inside. And the basil I’m just going to leave inside. I think I’m going to get a few more herbs to try inside too. Here’s all the starter pots Haddie and I did:



Seth helped me to start clearing out the grass from the area I’m going to plant. The project is probably going to take the rest of the week, if not a little longer. I just wish it wasn’t so stinking hot outside! I may just have to make myself wake up early to get some of it done. We’ll see.


If you look under the tree, that box there on the right are the bees.


Haddie was helping me fill up the pots with dirt, but I think she got the wrong idea.



Whole Chicken Slow Cooker

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At the meat market yesterday, I got a whole fryer chicken. I think I’ve cooked one a couple of times, but it’s been a while. Here’s the recipe I used:


It was pretty good. Nothing extra super special, but the meat was very tender and had good flavor.

The recipe called for a couple different things that I didn’t have, but over all I followed the recipe pretty close.

Here’s what my poor chicken looked like afterwards. For some reason it cracked me up!



Scalloped Potatoes & Apples

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I made this to go with my slow cooker chicken. I got the idea from this Publix recipe. I tweaked it a little since I didn’t have all the ingredients. Here’s the link to the Publix recipe


Here’s how I made it:


1. Slice potatoes and apples in thin slices. Put in a skillet with some butter. Cover with lid and cook until almost tender. Add spices to taste. I used some garlic powder, parsley, salt, pepper. Continue to stir.

2. Pour in some milk and shredded cheese. Cover again and stir until it melts. Continue to simmer. Then serve.


Sleeping Beauty August 27, 2011

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Haddie borrowed the Sleeping Beauty movie from her cousins this week. We finally watched it today and a number of observations came to mind.

I remembered again that While reading golden book version of Sleeping Beauty, Haddie always noticed that Aurora wasn’t wearing shoes in the forrest. She always used to say “mommy, she doesn’t have shoes on! She’s supposed to wear shoes outside! Her feet are going to get hurt.”

On a more important note, ehy is it ok for a 16 yr old to get married? Really, is that the message we want to send to our kids. Also, Ever notice almost all Disney movies the main character isn’t “complete” until they have a mate? Their “true love.”

I found it especially interesting that the Prince was given the Sword of truth to conquer the dragon. Does anyone else see the symbolism here?

Overall, I just eish there wasn’t so much evil and witchcraft in Disney movies. Especially the older ones.

For instance, I thought The Princess and The Frog was cute but I really hated all the voodoo in it. Seemed especially evil for some reason.

I don’t mind the movies having some more of bad guys, but why do they have to be so evil? I guess I like movies like Cars, Lilo & Stitch, Veggie Tales, etc that still have a plot without so much evil. But maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m looking too deeply into it all…but maybe not.


The Ultimate Ice Cream Cake

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For our D-Group tonight we had a birthday party for Nick. Teli suggested that I make an ice cream cake since it’s his favorite. She gave me this recipe to try:

Ultimate Ice Cream Long Cake


I followed the main idea of the recipe, but I made a few changes. For one thing I knew I had to make it bigger. When I first laid out the ice cream sandwiches, I could already see that six ice cream sandwiches didnt make a very large cake at all. So I ended up using 10 for each layer and moved them around until I found a shape/size that I liked. I ended up putting it on a small cookie sheet covered in foil.

Here’s my first step:


Next I completely opened the ice cream box so I could easily slice the ice cream. Note that I bought 2 boxes of ice cream (chocolate & vanilla). It’s prob best to buy the actual cardboard box packages instead of the more rounded tubs. And as a bonus it should be cheaper.


Then I laid out the ice cream slices to fit. It does take some playing with to get it all covered the best.


Then I crushed up some chocolate goldfish for an in between layer. I love the chocolate crunchies that are in the store bought ice cream cakes. Hopefully this will turn out similar. I would have used Oreos or some other kind of cookie if I had any on hand.


Next I cut up the vanilla ice cream and laid it out. This layer took a bit more smoothing win a spatula to get it leveled. It seems to get a bit more difficult to keep the shape with each level.



Next I layered the other 10 ice cream sandwiches. For some reason I could figure out how to fit all of them on there right. So I kinda had to cram them and move a few around. Looks kinda messy, but good thing I’m gonna be covering it up!



For the topping, I used the 1 cup of milk and added an extra chocolate bar for a total of 3 bars. Unlike the recipe, mine didn’t become a fudge like consistency. Instead it was more like chocolate milk. Not sure if I warned it too long or because of the extra bar. So I put it in the freezer to thicken. Oh, and while making the whole cake, I did put it back into the freezer between each layer to harden a bit. It gave me time too to clean up and prepare for the next layer. The chocolate liquid never ended up hardening so I just poured the soupy liquid over the cake and it hardened by the time we ate it. If I make this again I’d just use whipped cream for frosting instead.

Here’s what it looked like after the chocolate goo:




I dug into my boxes of random cake decorating stuff (inherited years ago from my grandma…but that’s another post), and came up with this goofy wresting design. With the chocolate goo top it looks like mud wrestling!



And here's the birthday boy and his cake



All This For $20! August 26, 2011

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I went for my weekly deal shopping at CVS today and planned on just getting a few things. That is, until I saw that all of their summer stuff was 50% off. Think flip flops, off brand crocs, swimming floats, sand toys, bubbles, and even plastic dishes and insulated cups! So I loaded up my cart quite quickly.


I grabbed a few sets of sand/beach toys for gifts and for Haddie. My dad is going to building her a big sandbox or her birthday. And you can’t have too many sand toys, right? Well…we’ll see. I got most of the sets for $2.99 each and the biggest one for $7.50.

I also got Haddie a swimming life vest for $12.50 and it even came with a bathsuit.

We also got two magnetic fishing sets, a large citronella candle (we’re gonna need it after all this rain!) ($2.99), and a set of goggles.


I also nabbed 3 3-packs of trident/stride gum for a total of $5 and two packs of orbit gum for $.87!


Their protein bars are on sale for buy two get one free. I paired the sale with my $2 off 2 bars. So my final price was $.71 a bar for the big Met-Rx bars. I don’t eat them, but Seth will. That’s a good deal considering they’re normally $2.57 each.


So, with all of my coupons, a 20% off Nonsale item email, $5 extra care bucks from last week, and $5 back from being a part of the FREE online beauty club, my total was $45.12. Then I had a $25 visa gift card from a rebate on my contacts…so that made my total only $20.12! Pretty sweet for all that stuff I’d say!

I also bought 3 Herseys bars (B2GO), an insulated thermos cup for Haddie, and 2 boxes of Finish Dishwasher Tabs. But after looking at my receipt, I dont think they rang up the two Finish boxes and the swimming goggles didn’t ring up 50%. So, back to the store I go. Gotta be honest, but I admit, sometimes it’s not easy to go out of my way to be. But still I gotta do it!


Crafty Day

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I woke up with a headache today, the same headache I went to bed with. So, I bummed in bed a little longer this morning with an ice pack while waiting for the meds to kick in. Needless to say, I wasn’t motivated to do much. That and the rainy windy weather didn’t help much to energize me.

So, I decided it was a craft day. I decided to try painting a couple of Haddie’s shirts. Here’s the pic from a Parents magazine that inspired me:


Here’s the instructions. Sorry, I can’t get them to turn since I’m uploading on my phone.


So, I got my paint together and some of Haddie’s Dora pencils to use their erasers for painting.


I even let Haddie paint a play shirt. She started out using the eraser and ended up using her fingers.


Well, after getting a cute idea for Haddie’s shirt and started painting. Then I looked closer at the paint label and realized it wasn’t fabric paint like I thought. Instead it was WASHABLE paper paint. Yeah, washable! So I let it dry and hoped that it would stay. I washed both shirts and sad to say, the paint washed out almost completely. It only left a few white spots. So my plan B is to break out some of my older house paint or breakdown and buy some actual fabric paint.

I went to work on my quilt again but after trying to cut more fabric I have discovered that my rotary blade is super dull. So I’m going to have to buy a replacement blade before I can work more.

For my last project tonight, I finally made curtain tiebacks for Haddie’s room. I had been using ribbon and just actually tying them back, but I wanted something nicer. So I used the leftover fabric from wall border. Here’s what I came up with:




Good Netflix Series

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I’ve been watching some pretty good series on Netlfix recently and thought I’d pass them along.

Seth and I finished an interesting Western Sci-Fi series called Firefly. Yep, thats right, a mix of science fiction and a western. It also had a spin off movie called, Serenity, that finished up the series. Both of them were really good. Of course it had some language, but wasn’t too bad.

I also finished watched a shorter series (25 min episodes instead of 45 min) called Sherri. It was a funny sitcom type series.

We just started a series called, Kidnapped. We’re only on the second episode, but so far it seems pretty good.

Unlike what it seems, I don’t sit around watching Netflix all day while eating Bon-Bond. I’ve never even had a Bon-Bon, in fact I’m not even sure what they are. Lol.


We Did It! August 25, 2011

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Yes, we are officially all the way potty trained! Well, technically I have been for many years…why does it always come natural to say everything as “we” when it pertains only to our kids? Guess because we’re so involved in it and have to get trained too, in a way.

Anywho, Haddie now just runs to the bathroom on her own and does her thing. If she goes #2 she runs out excited and has to announce it very loudly for all to hear. She’s quite proud of her potty.

In fact, earlier this week she ran out, announced her accomplishment and begged Seth to come see it. “Daddy, daddy, come see my poo-poo! It look like a banana!!” That was a first to hear! I hope this doesn’t turn into a “what does it look like now” game. Lol.

She’s wearing undies for nap time and staying dry most of the time. I’ve been putting two towels under her just in case and some how when she does have an accident, somehow she seems to miss the towels. Let’s just say I invested in another leakproof mattress pad.

But I still put her in pull ups at night. I’m not sure how long I should wait until trying undies all the time. Those of you with preschoolers, do they still wear pull ups during the night? How long after they were potty trained did you give up the pull ups?