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Swim lessons August 7, 2011

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I’ve researched a number of places or swim lessons. My online searches provided some info, but some of these classes are out of our budget.

For instance, there are a few ISR classes that are offered in instructor’s private homes. These look neat, but they’re expensive. From what I can tell there is an initial $105 national registration fee. Then there are weekly instructor fees from $65-70. And most children 1-6 yrs old typically require 4-6 weeks of lessons. The cost for yearly refresher registration and weekly fees are less. But still these prices seem outrageous! I know it’s important and life saving for children to know how to swim, but I think I’ll just teach her myself at that cost! After all, I learned just fine from my parents.

Thankfully, I did find a couple of more reasonably priced places.

The local YMCA (ours is in Cocoa near the BCC), offers classes for $75. These classes are four weeks long with 2 lessons a week. There are classes for 6 mo.-3 yrs and 3-5 yrs old. They have a class starting this week for the 6 mo.-3 yrs old. It’s on Monday’s and Wednesdays from 4:30-5. And these classes require parents to be in the water with their child. Although, the time may change…so if you’re interested call first.

The lady I spoke to said that they may be starting another class in September as well. She said they could give families with more than one child a discount so that it would be $40 a child. These prices are for nonmembers. If you’re a member, it’s quite a bit cheaper.

I also called Health First Health Plex. But I just got an answering machine, so I ended up just emailing them. I’m waiting on a response (I just did it yesterday). But from their website I did see that they offer similar age breakdowns for their classes as the YMCA. The 3-4 yr old class doesn’t require the parent to be in the water. The group lessons are 30 min long. They do offer private lessons, too, but those of course cost more.

It looks like the Health Plex lessons are surprisingly cheaper, even for nonmembers! The monthly rates for once week classes are $32 and twice a week is $60.

I think we’ll lend toward these classes since they’re cheaper and more convenient (right down the road!). But I’m going to wait on the email response to see about actual scheduling. I’ll share that as soon as I hear.

Feel free to share your opinions, advice or comments about any of these lessons or businesses. I’d love to hear it.


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