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The Gift Debate August 7, 2011

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I’ve been debating about what to do gift wise for Haddie’s birthday. She turns 3 this week! Can you believe it?

She has plenty of toys and honestly, I get tired of cleaning them up and having to force her to clean them, too. And she’s getting to the age that se can do more.

We debated getting a pet. Honestly or budget doesn’t allow for much, so some of the higher maintenance and cost animals are out. We can’t afford much costs for animal food or vet bills. And honestly, I loathe pet fur. It’s hard enough to keep my house clean. So I don’t want to add fur and animal smell to it. So, we’ve determined that we’re not ready for a dog. And Seth isn’t a fan of cats. Plus he sometimes gets allergic reactions to them. And a number of our close friends and youth group have reactions, too. So cats are out too. Plus, we tend to be gone a lot, especially during the summer, so we don’t want any animals that will suffer from lack of attention and that we’d have a hard time finding someone to care for while we’re gone.

I was thinking something smaller but that she could still interact with and cuddle. Seth suggested a snake. Let’s just say my reaction was not favorable.

So if we go for a pet, we’re thinking rabbit or hamster. That way their mess can be contained to a cage, they’re small, and she can still play with them.

Well, since our pet discussion, I’ve also been considering some type of outside class or activity for her, too.

We went to visit my family last week while Seth was gone on the jr high retreat. And with both parents, we wet swimming. My mom has a pool and my dad belongs to a club that has one. Haddie enjoys the water, but she is still quite skittish about it. At my moms house, she had a swimming vest, arm floaties and a ring on and she still didn’t want to let go of me! But eventually she got a little more comfortable so that she was able to paddle around near me on her own. Seeing this made me think it would be neat to get her in swim classes. Thankfully we don’t have a pool to worry about her drowning in. And most of our friends don’t either. The only time she’s around one is with my parents and Seths parents. She’s of course over at Seth’s parents more, but she’s rarely ever outside near their pool and it’s super hard for her to even get out their on her own. So, safety wise I’m not super worried. And swimming is something most kids learn eventually and that I could teach her. But I’m still considering some lessons.

Also, recently she’s been really interested in dancing. She’s constantly putting on dress shoes. She loves wearing her play tutu and asks me to put on ballet music. I know have a ballet music channel on my pandora. And she’s always “dancing” around, even outside of home. So, that got me to thinking how fun it would be to put her in a dance class. I wouldn’t want anything super intense. Just something to introduce her to dancing and to have fun. And by all means, there’s no way she’s going to learn dancing from Seth or I! Neither of us can keep a dancing beat. And I’d love for her to not feel as awkward as us with dancing!

So, this is my current debate. Her birthday is this Tuesday, so I gotta hurry up and decide! So far I’m leaning more toward a class. Maybe swim first, then dance?

I’m still doing research as far as cost, scheduling, etc for each type of class. In my next post, I’ll share some info on both in case any of you in the area want to join us!


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