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When Fire Brings Joy August 17, 2011

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 11:07 pm

I’m sure this title might seem pretty weird to many of you. Typically fires don’t usually bring much joy. Usually they evoke tears and anguish. Well, except for bonfires. Those usually bring some fun, s’mores and songs of Kumbayah.

Well, 2 days ago I woke up from a nap to see this in my back yard:


It was bigger than it looks in the picture and while we have had bonfires in our backyard (once in an old kitchen sink), they are usually in the firepit Seth and Jenco made. This one was most definitely just in the middle of the yard…on my grass. Or what’s left of it now. See I would be pretty ticked if it was just any bonfire. But thankfully it wasnt. See, he was burning this:


Yes, that strange large eyesore was half of the homemade camper that he used to have on the back of his truck. He took it off a while ago and since then it has been precariously resting and rotting in our backyard. He was going to relocate it to the wooded property in Mims. But after finally deciding that it was going to be more work than it’s worth and after finding his “great” deal on the other camper, he decided to cut it up and burn it.

So, my backyard is now free of a large black eyesore and now has a lovely burned grass spot instead. When I pointed this out to Seth, he said I always focus on the negative when it comes to projects he’s doing. It’s hard not too. But anyways, at least our recent monsoons will bring green back to my grass (well, mainly weeded back yard). And at least we’re finally free of that ugly wooded beast 🙂


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