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Good Night, Irene August 22, 2011

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 3:13 pm

I hate to see this

We’ve been spoiled recently with all the tropical storms and such moving away from the US. And it seems like even when they do predict something developing and heading our way, it dissipates or goes in another direction. I’m hoping that’s going to be the case this time, too.

I mean, I like the fact that insurance rates have been going down instead of up. I like not having to worry about my house and flying debris. Now we’ll have to worry about two houses. Ugh. And since we live on an “island” they usually evacuate. Granted, it’s voluntary, but still it’s kinda scary.

The last real hurricanes or tropical storms that came this way just brought a lot of rain and some downed limbs. I don’t want to deal with much else.

It just reminds me of that horrible hurricane season we had in 2004. It was the first year we were married and we were living on campus at FCC. Charlie came through and tore it up. I still remember being without power for over a week and no water for 10 days. Our apartment was rancid smelling from the dirty dishes we couldn’t wash in our sink and the spoiled food in our fridge. I still remember our ice cube trays from the freezer that were filled with mint chocolate ice cream and cookie dough. Yum. Barf.

Kissimmee looked like a war zone with all the huge oak trees torn out of the ground, all the traffic lights hanging down and all the debris. It was interesting.




And I remember how much of a mess our campus was. I still remember the huge chunks of broken glass driven into the ground from the top of the library, the SUB torn up from the badly damaged roof and rains, all the leaks and water damage. It was adventurous to say the least.

And that wasn’t the only hurricane to visit that season. There were two others that crossed the state, but thankfully they didn’t do as much damage. Probably because Charlie had already downed all the weak trees and such.

So, yeah… Hopefully Irene decides to just weaken or go out to sea, or just to bring us some rain.

We’re not like the people you always see on the news that are buying out all the water and plywood from stores. We don’t get super stressed and we definitely don’t over prepare. But for some reason this feels different. Like maybe we should be worrying. But of course I know we shouldn’t because God is the One in control and will get us through whatever. But I dont want to be dumb or unprepared either.

So, I’ll probably head out to buy some water and nonperishables just in case. And Seth took the gas cans to fill up along with his truck.

This may be an interesting weekend. I hope it’s not too filled with hot muggy weather, lack of electricity and PB&J sandwiches.

But if it is…I guess we’ll survive.


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