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We Did It! August 25, 2011

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 11:17 pm

Yes, we are officially all the way potty trained! Well, technically I have been for many years…why does it always come natural to say everything as “we” when it pertains only to our kids? Guess because we’re so involved in it and have to get trained too, in a way.

Anywho, Haddie now just runs to the bathroom on her own and does her thing. If she goes #2 she runs out excited and has to announce it very loudly for all to hear. She’s quite proud of her potty.

In fact, earlier this week she ran out, announced her accomplishment and begged Seth to come see it. “Daddy, daddy, come see my poo-poo! It look like a banana!!” That was a first to hear! I hope this doesn’t turn into a “what does it look like now” game. Lol.

She’s wearing undies for nap time and staying dry most of the time. I’ve been putting two towels under her just in case and some how when she does have an accident, somehow she seems to miss the towels. Let’s just say I invested in another leakproof mattress pad.

But I still put her in pull ups at night. I’m not sure how long I should wait until trying undies all the time. Those of you with preschoolers, do they still wear pull ups during the night? How long after they were potty trained did you give up the pull ups?


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