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All This For $20! August 26, 2011

Filed under: Deals!,Life — Lacey @ 4:20 pm

I went for my weekly deal shopping at CVS today and planned on just getting a few things. That is, until I saw that all of their summer stuff was 50% off. Think flip flops, off brand crocs, swimming floats, sand toys, bubbles, and even plastic dishes and insulated cups! So I loaded up my cart quite quickly.


I grabbed a few sets of sand/beach toys for gifts and for Haddie. My dad is going to building her a big sandbox or her birthday. And you can’t have too many sand toys, right? Well…we’ll see. I got most of the sets for $2.99 each and the biggest one for $7.50.

I also got Haddie a swimming life vest for $12.50 and it even came with a bathsuit.

We also got two magnetic fishing sets, a large citronella candle (we’re gonna need it after all this rain!) ($2.99), and a set of goggles.


I also nabbed 3 3-packs of trident/stride gum for a total of $5 and two packs of orbit gum for $.87!


Their protein bars are on sale for buy two get one free. I paired the sale with my $2 off 2 bars. So my final price was $.71 a bar for the big Met-Rx bars. I don’t eat them, but Seth will. That’s a good deal considering they’re normally $2.57 each.


So, with all of my coupons, a 20% off Nonsale item email, $5 extra care bucks from last week, and $5 back from being a part of the FREE online beauty club, my total was $45.12. Then I had a $25 visa gift card from a rebate on my contacts…so that made my total only $20.12! Pretty sweet for all that stuff I’d say!

I also bought 3 Herseys bars (B2GO), an insulated thermos cup for Haddie, and 2 boxes of Finish Dishwasher Tabs. But after looking at my receipt, I dont think they rang up the two Finish boxes and the swimming goggles didn’t ring up 50%. So, back to the store I go. Gotta be honest, but I admit, sometimes it’s not easy to go out of my way to be. But still I gotta do it!


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