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Good Netflix Series August 26, 2011

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 12:49 am

I’ve been watching some pretty good series on Netlfix recently and thought I’d pass them along.

Seth and I finished an interesting Western Sci-Fi series called Firefly. Yep, thats right, a mix of science fiction and a western. It also had a spin off movie called, Serenity, that finished up the series. Both of them were really good. Of course it had some language, but wasn’t too bad.

I also finished watched a shorter series (25 min episodes instead of 45 min) called Sherri. It was a funny sitcom type series.

We just started a series called, Kidnapped. We’re only on the second episode, but so far it seems pretty good.

Unlike what it seems, I don’t sit around watching Netflix all day while eating Bon-Bond. I’ve never even had a Bon-Bon, in fact I’m not even sure what they are. Lol.


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