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The Ultimate Ice Cream Cake August 27, 2011

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For our D-Group tonight we had a birthday party for Nick. Teli suggested that I make an ice cream cake since it’s his favorite. She gave me this recipe to try:

Ultimate Ice Cream Long Cake


I followed the main idea of the recipe, but I made a few changes. For one thing I knew I had to make it bigger. When I first laid out the ice cream sandwiches, I could already see that six ice cream sandwiches didnt make a very large cake at all. So I ended up using 10 for each layer and moved them around until I found a shape/size that I liked. I ended up putting it on a small cookie sheet covered in foil.

Here’s my first step:


Next I completely opened the ice cream box so I could easily slice the ice cream. Note that I bought 2 boxes of ice cream (chocolate & vanilla). It’s prob best to buy the actual cardboard box packages instead of the more rounded tubs. And as a bonus it should be cheaper.


Then I laid out the ice cream slices to fit. It does take some playing with to get it all covered the best.


Then I crushed up some chocolate goldfish for an in between layer. I love the chocolate crunchies that are in the store bought ice cream cakes. Hopefully this will turn out similar. I would have used Oreos or some other kind of cookie if I had any on hand.


Next I cut up the vanilla ice cream and laid it out. This layer took a bit more smoothing win a spatula to get it leveled. It seems to get a bit more difficult to keep the shape with each level.



Next I layered the other 10 ice cream sandwiches. For some reason I could figure out how to fit all of them on there right. So I kinda had to cram them and move a few around. Looks kinda messy, but good thing I’m gonna be covering it up!



For the topping, I used the 1 cup of milk and added an extra chocolate bar for a total of 3 bars. Unlike the recipe, mine didn’t become a fudge like consistency. Instead it was more like chocolate milk. Not sure if I warned it too long or because of the extra bar. So I put it in the freezer to thicken. Oh, and while making the whole cake, I did put it back into the freezer between each layer to harden a bit. It gave me time too to clean up and prepare for the next layer. The chocolate liquid never ended up hardening so I just poured the soupy liquid over the cake and it hardened by the time we ate it. If I make this again I’d just use whipped cream for frosting instead.

Here’s what it looked like after the chocolate goo:




I dug into my boxes of random cake decorating stuff (inherited years ago from my grandma…but that’s another post), and came up with this goofy wresting design. With the chocolate goo top it looks like mud wrestling!



And here's the birthday boy and his cake



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