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Guess I’ll Be Teaching Science August 31, 2011

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I bought a Groupon about a month ago for Insect Lore. For $10, I got a butterfly garden set worth $20. I think it’s actually still on Groupon or at least it was a couple days ago.

The butterfly garden is a set that allows you to grow actual caterpillars into butterflies. Once you put your order in, the company sends you the set with 5 live caterpillars. They’re all in a small cup with food that looks like peanut butter. You leave them in the cup until they crawl up and go into their cocoon (actually called a chrysalis). Once all 5 have, you open the cup and pin the paper layer (from inside the lid) into the pop up mesh container. From there it takes about a week or two until they hatch (is that the right word?). Then you can watch the butterflies, feed them with sugar water, flowers and citrus (who knew!).

Well, we got the caterpillars in the mail exactly one week ago.


And by Sunday, they were all in their cocoons.

Here’s a pic of them starting to hang upside down:


And here’s some pics of their all the way cocooned:





I’m excited to see the next process of them becoming butterflies.

Haddie and I even picked up another caterpillar. After a party on Sunday, we found this crazy caterpillar beside our car.


I had an empty water bottle so I managed to get him inside without touching him. I was kinda afraid he might sting. I remember stepping on some caterpillars as a kid that had spiky things on their backs that stung and left marks shaped like their bodies in our feet.

After we got the other caterpillars out of their cup, we stuck him inside. I hoped he might eat the same food, but after researching online some, it looks like they only eat oleander leaves. Two of our neighbors have oleander trees and I’m debating about sneaking near their fence to nab a few leaves.

I guess it’s called an oleander caterpillar. It actually turns into a weird moth thing that resembles a wasp.


I’m even considering making an ant farm with Haddie eventually. Messing with all these bugs recently has made me realize how much bugs don’t really bug me. Well…except for roaches and spiders. That’s where I draw the line!

I also am not creeped out by lizards or worms. But I don’t do snakes. Something about feeling like they’re more dangerous or something. Maybe it’s a deep seated distrust that goes back to The Garden. You know, Eden.

But anyways, since I’m good with bugs and the like, I’ve been nominated by Adrienne to be responsible for the science part of our homeschooling. Lol. Who woulda thunk? Thanks dad for taking us kids fishing, teaching us about bugs and animals and helping to dissect fish and stuff. Funny, I just now remembered that I was the one who had to actually do the animal dissecting in high school biology. The rest of my group were always too chicken. All those experiences may now be finally used for some good.

Guess I still have a bit of tomboy in me… All except for the sporty side. I have no athlete coordination whatsoever. But thats a whole other post.


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