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Week 1: Success! September 9, 2011

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This was our first week of officially homeschooling and I would say it was a successful beginning. We’ll probably have to tweak a few things as we go, but I am looking forward to the rest of our school year and all the exciting science things we’re going to get to explore! I’m going to be learning right there with them.

And I’m looking forward to brushing up on my tiny bit of languages knowledge. Gotta put those 5 yrs of Spanish classes to some good use! And I can’t wait to add more words to my sign language vocabulary so I can have better conversations with our growing deaf group at church!

Some things I learned today: some kids don’t like marshmallows (not mine! Apparently she could eat them all day long if I let her, but don’t worry, I didn’t!), boys have a lot more energy and shorter attention spans than girls (well, at least my girl), there’s a definite difference between the attention span of a 2 yr old and an almost 4 yr old.

So, with that being said, I’m going to have to wait and see as to how much attention span/sitting still can be trained at this age and how much it’s due to age. But really, they did a great job and they did an amazing job wearing me out!

If any of you looked over my lesson plans, I want to assure you that I’m not a crazy lady. No, I don’t expect the kids to actually remember or even learn some of the large scientific words I wrote down in my notes. But I figure it’s better to introduce more than they can absorb than less. And besides, it wad super cute to hear Haddie say “metamorphosis.”

Kids always amaze me in their ability to retain. They are seriously like sponges. Maybe even like a Sham-Wow in their ability to soak it all in. Lol. Ok, no, I’ve never actually used one. Case in point (about the sponge thing…not the Sham-Wow), Haddie pretty much has the order of all the New Testament books memorized. All from just talking to her about them and singing the song. Crazy amazing. And, surprisingly my little brainiac could tell me the scientific name of a butterfly’s cocoon. See, they’re actually not a cocoon. They’re a chrysalis. And somehow my 3 yr old remembered that! I don’t think we give our kids enough credit or chances to learn, really!

So, enough of all that stuff. Here’s what they actually did:

1. Learned about caterpillars and made some from egg cartons. Haddie has affectionally named hers Elizabeth (sorry, Karina).



There’s all 3 caterpillars, although they’re kinda hard to see. I’ll take a better pic of Haddie’s another time.


Eliada (age 1 1/2) came to visit and watch some school in action. She enjoyed coloring her face more than the paper.


2. We learned about a little about caterpillar’s metamorphosis into butterflies (yes, I just wanted to use that word again). We read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Look how focused they look!


We checked out the live butterflies on our special garden kit (check out insectlore.com to get your own, or watch for it on Groupon). Then we went outside to pick fresh flowers for the butterflies.




Let me just say, I am loving our big yard more and more all the time!


The kids helped me feed the butterflies the flowers, orange slices and sugar water.



3. They were introduced to sign language via the Signing Time DVD on ABC’s. Titus is a real natural at picking it up, and Malachi and Eliada were trying. Haddie had already learned most of the signs I taught the kids today. They learned the letters “A” & “B,” numbers “1” & “0.” They also learned the signs for caterpillar, butterfly, banana, apple, boy, alligator (these correspond with A&B), water, God, and Jesus. I didn’t get to introduce Spanish (didn’t want to overload them!) this week. So hopefully I’ll get to next week.

4. Then we finished off the day with plenty of free play in Haddie’s new huge sandbox (big thanks to Grandpa!), and the pool. They got pretty crazy with jumping into it! And I got stung on the back by some tiny green shiny bee. Not from our hive, mind you! I’m glad it was me instead of the kids, but let’s just say that the bee didn’t make it out so well.




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