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Gardening isn’t Like TV September 12, 2011

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Yes, I know that most things depicted on TV aren’t usually realistic. And gardening is no exception. Seriously, I feel like all the shows/movies that show people gardening are soooo unrealistic! They’re never dirty and they always wear nice clothes while they’re working. Really? You wear nice light colored, neatly pressed clothes to work in the dirt? Here’s some examples I pulled from google:




Yep. They’re not possibly really gardening. They’re just posers! Really, this is what happens when you’re really gardening, down and dirty.


I cant seem to ever keep myself clean when I’m planting. Especially since I’ve been ripping out grass to make way for my garden. My motto is get comfortable. Why garden while precariously positioned in your knees and leaning over? That just makes for more strain and takes longer. Instead, I just resign myself to the fact that I’m going to get REALLY dirty. I plop comfortably down in the dirt and get to work. Less strain, and more dirt 🙂

Anyways, so I’m happy to announce that I’m actually done for the day outside and I’m headache free! Amazing for me! I started earlier so that it wasn’t so hot and make sure to drink more water.

I finally got more of the garden cleared out and the lettuce seedlings planted.



I also planted some broccoli seeds inside pots to get growing while I work on clearing out more space in the garden area. I’m also thinking about buying some blackberry bushes from Walmart to plant along the fence next.

While I was searching for gardening pics, I found this:


I made me laugh. Really, what types of songs fit this category? What would the gardening woman want to listen to? I looked it up, but they’re all songs I’ve never heard of, but good news, if you’re interested it’s available for download.

Seth was busy working outside today, too. He finished putting the blocks down for our patio. I’m excited to have a nice sitting area in the shade. Especially for when it gets cooler and the Mosquitos die off.



It looks a lot better in person. The pictures make it look more rough and dirty than it really is. And here’s Haddie’s monster sandbox:


Our shaded area in the backyard is pretty well set now. Hot tub, patio, and sandbox. What more could we ask for?



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