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Grilled Zuchini September 12, 2011

Filed under: Recipes,Side Dishes/Snacks — Lacey @ 8:01 pm

I’m always looking for different and easy ways to prepare vegetables since I’m not the biggest veggie fan. I thought this looked interesting so I bookmarked it for the next time I was grilling. Well, I decided to try it on my Forman Grill instead. My Forman had been buried in my appliance cupboard for sometime now until a friend gave me the idea to grill my meat market steaks on it. I’ve used it again since for hamburgers and it’s like I’ve discovered a new miracle maker. It’s so easy to use and pretty easy to clean up. Ok, that was more than I meant to share on this recipe post.

Anyways, I cooked the zucchini on the Forman and it turned out great. It was an easy recipe with good flavor. I took it off after maybe 4 minutes total (since it was cooking on both sides unlike the traditional grill). It was still a bit firm, but it was really good that way.

Here’s the recipe:



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