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Hyper Haddie September 13, 2011

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 11:29 pm

I can usually tell that it’s getting to be Haddie’s bedtime when she gets extra hyper. Tonight was no exception. Lol. She started to practice some of her dances from class. What’s funny, besides her goofiness, is that during class she watches a lot more than participates. But apparently she’s soaking it all in still.

I enjoy the bedtime routine we’ve started the last few weeks. We lay in my bed and read the Bible together. Many times she keeps asking to read more, too. Which is especially neat since we’re usually reading from my Bible. Meaning there’s no pictures. During our readings we also talk about the stories and other facts about the Bible.

She continues to amaze me as to how much she can retain and understand at 3! Especially when it’s put to song. She now has the order of the New Testament books memorized! So no more excuses for all you youth group students! If my 3 yr old can do it, so can you! šŸ™‚

Now we’re starting to work on the Old Testament books. Too bad I don’t know a snappy song to use for these. I always get tripped up on the minor prophets. Maybe we’ll end up making our own up!

Tonight Haddie also informed us that Saul was Paul and then he became a superhero. Not sure where she got that one!

Anyways, we end our nighttime with family prayer (which includes whoever may be here visiting…Jenco, other youth sleeping over, Grandpa, Grandma, etc). Haddie tells us the order of how we’re going to pray. For some reason she always chooses to go last. Lol.

We all pray, then it’s kisses and hugs time. Then finally to bed. Then back to bed again. Then back to bed again and again and again. Anyone else deal with this endless up and down routine? Seriously, how many bathroom trips, drinks of water and hugs does a 3 yr old need?

But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


One Response to “Hyper Haddie”

  1. Sara Says:

    Oh Lacey how I miss those days! Some things don’t change though. They both still like to stay up late aaaannnnddd occasionally want to show me the “crab walk!” lol

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