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Week 2: Even Better! September 13, 2011

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Today was the beginning of our second week of homeschooling and my second time teaching our kiddos. And I am quite satisfied with how it all went.

I discovered that during lunch is a great time to teach them languages because they’re sitting still and their hands/mouths are busy. They did really great learning and practicing sign language and Spanish today. We started by discussing why we need sign language and talked some of the people we know at church who are deaf. We also talked about how Dora & Diego speak Spanish. Here are some of the words they’ve learned in both languages these last two weeks:

Sign language signs learned:

-0, 1, 2, 3
-a, b, c, d
-all done
-circle (any shape, trace in air)
-I love you

Spanish words learned:

-0 = cero
-1 = uno
-black = Negro
-white = blanco
-butterfly = mariposa
-circle = circulo

They really learn a lot from the Signing Time DVDs. I bought another one on Amazon today to use for our animal lessons next month. They’re pretty decently priced and even adults can learn a lot from them. The lady does a great job explaining why each sign is how it is and the songs really get stuck in your head! I was excited to see that they now have a second season of DVDs available too!

And for dessert, they had Oreos (well, Aldi brand ones!). We used them to talk about our month’s colors and shape. Yep, you guessed it…black, white and circles 🙂

After lunch we talked more about caterpillars and butterflies. We read the Very Hungry Caterpillar again and looked other butterfly pictures in books. They surprisingly remembered a lot from last week. Haddie is too cute talking about chrysalis’ and metamorphosis.

We made caterpillars from pom-pom balls and butterflies from coffee filters, food coloring and pipe cleaners:


They had some free play time after I could tell that their focus and patience were completely wiped out. Then we brought out the shaving cream and had some messy fun:




I choose shaving cream because one of our colors this month is white. So we talked about it’s color and they practiced writing some of their letters (Titus has his “T”s down and Haddie knows her “H”s), and they also drew caterpillars and butterflies. And as a bonus the shaving cream helped take off the food coloring stains from the butterfly craft!

Today was a great learning and fun day. And once again I was ready for a nap afterwards!


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