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What I Learned From Gardening September 21, 2011

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Well, more specifically, what I’ve learned recently from clearing out an area for my veggie garden…

1. It’s really HOT outside, especially here in Florida. Bet ya didn’t know that!

2. It’s good exercise. Seriously, I was exhausted and out of breath after digging and shoving all the grass out. Yes, I’m out of shape, but it’s still great exercise.

3. I would starve to death, die, and be really poor if I had to depend on farming/gardening for my livelihood. I don’t know how people do it, especially in third world countries or Bible times when they didnt have modern farming equipment.

4. It’s a great time to pray. I’ve really had some good prayer times while sitting in the dirt pulling out roots and weeds.

5. It’s surprisingly enjoyable, relaxing and stress relieving to be outside gardening. Not sure how this can be since it’s exhausting and hard work, but some how it is peaceful.

6. There is an seemingly endless amount of dirt in my house now. No matter how much I try to avoid tracking it in or to sweep it up, it’s still sandy! Ugh.

7. I now know that these gross things are the grub stage of Japanese Beetles.


Yes, they are seriously gross looking. I have dug a lot up and had no idea what they were. Lets just say they got thrown, squished, or cut in half. Yes, I do have a small sadistic side to me…at least when it comes to bugs. I’ve been known to scream “Die! Die!” while
I’m covering a spider in foaming bug spray.

But anyways, here’s what those gross creatures turn into:


Much better, huh? Apparently they’re both pretty bad pests for lawns.

8. Its reminded me of the parable of the soils a few times. Which type of soil are you?

9. I don’t know why I bother to wear gardening gloves. My hands still end up disgusting with dirt under my nails and everything.

10. My right hand gets a lot more dirty than my left. Guess I’m working a lot harder than my left since I’m right handed and all.

11. A good nail brush is invaluable and works miracles.

12. Wear sunscreen, dummy! (That’s directed at myself.) Most of the days I’ve worked in the garden I’ve worn a t-shirt and shorts and the amour of dirt I get on my arms works really good as sunscreen. Lol. Today I decided to wear my bathing suit and shorts (mainly because I’m low on laundry…since our dryer has been broken). It didn’t seem really sunny and I didn’t think i’d be out there that long. Lesson learned, and now my back is scorched.

13. It’s hard to space out plants like the seed packs direct. The area I worked so hard to clear out looks so empty with everything spaced out so much. I’m sure it’s good to do, but it makes me feel like I’m wasting good space. I’m sure I’ll be thankful that I’m doing it right though.

14. A fence can create more shade than you realize. When I first started clearing out all the grass there was seriously only 1-2 inches of shade created by the fence. Now, after I planted the lettuce, that entire area is shaded (3+ feet!). Could the sunlight have changed that much in a matter if 3 weeks? And in case you think I’m being really blonde, I have checked the area at various times of the day and it’s still the same. Weird.

15. Lettuce and broccoli will grow just fine in the shade. It actually helps to keep them cooler so they don’t bolt from the heat.

16. Some plants can bolt, which makes them inedible (really yucky to eat). Here’s a good explanation:


Well, did you know that?


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