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Homeschool Weeks 3 & 4 Lessons (Plants) September 22, 2011

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Last night I finished up my next 2 lessons for science & languages.  I planned to teach a lot outside since we are studying plants.  I wanted to have the kids find different kinds of plants and such and I thought I would teach them as we went.  But of course, it started clouding up and thundering about an hour before we were to start.  So I hurried up and collected a number of different plants and got all our materials ready on the porch instead.  And as seems to be the trend, I ended up using some parts of both lessons, so I revised them both afterwards today so I can make sure to teach the rest of the lessons next week.  Also, the kids didn’t end up watching all of the Signing Time video, so I revised the list of signs that they learned.  Anyways, here are the original lesson plans and the revised.

Week 3

Week 3-Revised

Week 4

Week 4-Revised

If for some reason these files won’t open, let me know and I’ll post them in a different format.

Here’s also a link that’s got a lot of good information about plants and some diagrams.


Click on the Leaves, Seeds, Fruits PDF

They’re probably a bit intense for preschoolers, but they’ll at least give you some good information so you can be well informed and maybe at least use the diagrams to introduce the kids to the basic concepts.


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