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Homeschool Website Surfing September 26, 2011

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I’ve been browsing some different homeschooling websites the last few days (mainly since Haddie was sick and wouldn’t sleep anywhere except on my lap for nap times).

I’m getting more and more excited about all the homeschooling possibilities! There are seriously so many that at times it gets overwhelming.  Of course, at Haddie’s age (3) I don’t have to be too organized (but I am!) or too seriously deep with the curriculum I use.  However, I’m trying to plan ahead and get a feel for all the possibilities out there.

I discovered the FIAR method, which stands for Five In A Row.  From what I understand, it basically focuses on one children’s book a week and teaches one subject each of the 5 days of the week (hence the name).  The curriculum is on sale online and you can either buy the book or check it out from the library.  You read the book each day and then focus on one particular subject.  The activities seem very hands on and creative.  And I think you can use the same material for multiple ages (I think it gives different or more complex activities/lessons for older children). I think this idea is neat and would be neat to use at least once in a while.

There’s also a Before FIAR and After FIAR for younger and older children.

Here’s a few websites and blogs that show some examples of the FIAR method:

Delightful Learning

Five In A Row

Brain In Trainin


There’s also the Charlotte Mason method. This method doesn’t follow “unit study” methods, but instead emphasizes living learning and the kids making many of the connections themselves instead of being lectured by their parents.  It also emphasizes reading literature and poetry; interesting ways to learn grammar, spelling and public speech; learning from nature daily.

Here’s an interesting homeschooling blog that discusses Charlotte Mason’s approach:

Our Journey Westward


There’s also the Montessori method.  I haven’t read much yet on it, but its next on my web reading list.  Here’s the blog I going to check out:

Fruit In Season


And I found this awesome curriculum for math called Life of Fred or LoF.  Its real life math and is supposed to be even more complete than average school math curriculum.  It’s very reasonably priced (cheaper than most everything from Amazon), are books that can be used over and over again because the kids use paper to write their answers on, goes from elementary math to college level math, the kids can do it independently (once they can read), and is supposedly really fun because its a story they read as they learn. I think we’ll probably use this material at least to try it out once Haddie gets older.

Life of Fred



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