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Pray For This Awesome Family September 27, 2011

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You may remember that I posted previously about the Johnson family. You may have also read about their story in Florida TODAY. If not, here’s a quick bit of their story:


They were in Georgia for the 4th of July holiday and were rear ended by a speeding truck (80-100 mph) while at a stop light. Their 6 yr old daughter, Hannah, was killed on impact. Their 3 yr old son, Owen, suffered a spinal injury, broken bones, and is now a quadriplegic, dependent on a wheelchair and ventilator.


Their two daughters, Kathryn and Brooke, both suffered broken legs, broken arms and some internal injuries.


They spent the last two months in hospital and a rehab center and last week just moved back home to Palm Bay. While they were gone, their home was renovated to allow for Owen’s medical needs.

I don’t know this family personally, but for some reason it just touched me closely. Maybe because their 3 yr old was so badly injured and because he’s Haddie’s age. Either way, they’ve been in our family prayer time pretty much every night. And Haddie asks to see pictures of Owen.

They returned home last week, and had to settle back in quickly. The girls started school yesterday and the parents, Susie and David, took Owen to Orlando to his new specialist. Afterwards, while running errands, Owen stopped breathing, turned blue and had to be rushed via ambulance to the hospital. He apparently flat lined in the ambulance and had a seizure. After getting to the hospital and having a number tests, he was stabilized and back to “normal.” But they’re still trying to figure out what happened.

So, please, please, keep this family in your prayers. They need all the help they can get.

Oh, and Susie is also pregnant. She was about 20 weeks at the time of the accident and suffered some broken ribs, but the baby wasn’t harmed. I’m guessing she’s due in about 3 months or so. So, please keep Baby Renee in your prayers too.

If you’d like more info, check out their online blog:

Johnson Family Caring Bridge

On their website you can see pictures, read their updates and also subscribe to their blog for email updates. You’ll be amazed at their great attitudes and their dependence in God through it all.


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