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Week 4: They Didn’t Want It To End! September 27, 2011

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I guess you could call that a big success, right?

It started out a little slow as the kids wanted to just play instead of watching the Signing Time video while I got lunch ready.

They enjoyed playing with Haddie’s new mask:


Her dance teacher was out of lollipops today after class so she improvised and gave the girls these masks. It quickly became Haddie’s superhero mask! And when we got home she came up with her own cape:



Yep, that’s a diaper changing pad. Don’t worry, it’s clean! Haddie has recently become obsessed with using these old pads for her baby dolls. And now it had an even more creative use.

The boys had fun with the mask, too:



Malachi kept wanting to wear Haddie’s purple fairy wings. He wanted to be a butterfly of course. And I let him wear them. Once. But don’t tell his dad! Lol.

They did end up watching some of the Signing Time DVD “Let’s Eat.” They learned signs like: eat, fork, spoon, knife, plate, cup, bowl, napkin, grow, garden, kitchen, cook, make.

We reviewed the signs and Spanish words that we’ve learned the last few weeks while they ate lunch.

For those that ate all their lunch got dessert (only after they signed “dessert”). Titus chose chocolate ice cream, it was black like our color for the month. Malachi choose M&Ms, which are of course black inside and circles (our shape for the month). I’m so crafty in getting those colors and shapes in 🙂

After lunch, we read a book about creation while doing some signs for water, the day’s numbers, God and stars. I tried to emphasize the third day of creation since that’s when God made plants.

Then we went outside to look for different kinds of plants. I tried to have them find different parts of plants, but they quickly gave up, complaining it was too hot. So we quickly gathered some leaves, roots, grass and stems to talk about in the shade. We discussed the different parts of plants, where seeds grow (like inside some fruits and veggies and outside others), what types of seeds we eat and those we don’t, etc. Then we came inside to do lead rubs. The boys thought they was really neat!

We spent some time finger painting. First, they made their own diagram of sorts of a flower:


Then they did their own free (and messy!) fingerpainting:


Next we read a story called “How My Garden Grows.”

Then we broke out the new trays (see my post about Tray Time).

The trays were really a hit! Titus kept asking if he could take them home so he could do school there. And when it was time to go, the boys kept saying we weren’t done with school yet! Haddie still wanted the boys to stay for school and then after they left, she wanted to keep “playing school.”

Oh, and I did use a kitchen timer set to 5 min for them to complete each tray.

Here’s what trays I did this week:



Kadoodles are egg shaped markers/paint that are probably meant for younger kids, but surprisingly our older kids had trouble with them. Lol. I had them draw on small paper plates and also asked them to practice drawing circles.




Here’s their works of kadoodle art:


Transferring- Spooning pom-pom balls into egg carton:



I asked the older two to sort the pom-poms according to color.





Stringing- putting small colored beads on pipe cleaners of matching colors.

I had the older ones put a certain number of beads on each. It was neat to see Malachi make the color connections. And he quickly got the hang of threading the small beads (the holes were pretty small).






Haddie decided that the stinging activity was her favorite. Titus said he liked the Kadoodles the best. And Malachi pointed at his pom-pom tray and showed me the color he liked best. Lol.

I’m excited to come up with next week’s tray activities. I may be daring and go for some messy ones, we’ll see.


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