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HS: Amphibian Lesson October 5, 2011

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For these next few weeks our science lessons are going to be on the different animal groups.  I mainly want to introduce them to the names of the groups and for them to grasp some of the different kinds of animals in each group.  I am still going to teach them some different facts about each type of animal (warm blooded vs. cold blooded, characteristics of each, where they live, etc), but at 2, 3, & 4 yrs old, I don’t expect them to really retain and grasp it all.  But my motto is: “It’s better to at least expose them to the different facts, than to leave things out because they can’t possibly get it.” Haddie, and lots of other kids, have really proven to me how much they retain! So, why not error on the side of too much info instead of too simple?

This week, we’re focusing on Amphibians.  We’ll be taking a couple week break for family vacations, then we’ll be back with another animal group.  And sometime during our 6 wk series, we’re aiming to take our kids to the nearby zoo.  I may end up taking Haddie a few times during this series since we got such a great deal on Groupon and ended up with the year long family pass for only $51! Yay!


With any further ado, here’s my basic lesson and the other resources I’m using:


Week 5 Lesson (Amphibians)

Amphibian pics

Frog Life Cycle Coloring Pics


Fly Catching Frog Craft


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