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Week 5: So So October 10, 2011

Filed under: Homeschooling — Lacey @ 8:44 pm

Last week’s homeschool day here at our house went alright. I felt like the kids just weren’t really into it, were easily distracted, and hard to focus. But Seth said he thought it was fine and that my expectations were too high. I’m sure thats probably true. Especially since we were learning about amphibians…kinda a lot for preschoolers to grasp! I tend to forget how young or kids actually are.

Here’s some of what they did:

They colored and glued on the parts of the frog lifecycles:

They made frogs with party blower tongues.

Uncle Seth read them a story about Noah (ironic that this is our Bible story for this month and the fact that we’ve gotten soooooo much rain last weekend).


Tray time didnt seem to go as well as last time. I was disappointed with the foam boards and pegs I bought from Oriental Trading. I thought they were going to be smaller and easier for the kids to use. The pegs are quite difficult to get into the foam boards.




The button stringing was harder for them than I expected too. I’ll have to get some bigger buttons with bigger holes.




The transferring tray went over the best. Malachi had a hard time working the salad tongs, so he ended up just using the spoon part. Titus did really well with the tongs, but Haddie seemed to like it the best. She even wanted to take the bowls and tongs to her room to play with it more afterwards.




We’re taking a couple week break from homeschool because of family vacations. But when we meet again, I think I’m going to teach on fish (we’re going through the 6 main animal types). I found some way cute fish crafts from pinterest that I’m going to use!


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