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Good Buys October 21, 2011

Filed under: Deals!,Homeschooling — Lacey @ 1:05 am

I finally stopped at Hobby Lobby again today. I don’t know how I went so long between visits! I used to be in there almost every week for jewelry supplies, but since I’ve been in a jewelry making lull, I haven’t been there nearly as much.

But anywho… I really shouldn’t be allowed to shop in there alone! I spend too much time and find too much stuff!

Here’s a few of the goodies I found for homeschooling:

These are bins with chalkboards on two sides ($2.99 each). And no, I didn’t buy all of these! I showed some restraint…I only got 3.


These are cute patterns shoe laces ($.71 each pair) that I’m planning on using with lacing cards and the like.


I also bought washable paint, magnetic tape, some cardboard and wood “H”s to do some crafts w her name, some sewing sale stuff (disappearing ink marking pen, leaf stencil, and a special sewing foot piece thing for hemming jeans that keeps the needle from bending or messing up. Let’s just say I have plenty to keep me busy!

And I found some purty new beads and grabbed some feathers to make some stylish earrings…



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