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Rainbow Rice & Macaroni October 21, 2011

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I saw this picture on Pinterest and knew I had to do it soon for Haddie:

Rainbow Rice Pic

Rainbow Rice

So, we colored some rice and macaroni tonight while we waited for her precious prayer bear to finish in the dryer (she had an accident during nap time and bear was, um, a bit wet…).


It’s really easy to color the rice and it’s going to be lots of fun for Haddie to play with. I’m thinking pouring, digging, maybe some art work. Definitely going to let her make a necklace with the macaroni we colored. That’s a preschool must!

Here’s the recipe they gave on the website:

4 C dry rice
3 T rubbing alcohol
2 T food coloring

Combine all ingredients in a plastic bag and shake until mixed. Then spread on cookie sheet to dry.

I didn’t have that much rice so I halved the recipe. In the purple rice batch I didn’t put nearly as much rubbing alcohol or food coloring as it called for and it still looks fine. In the orange rice batch (again, only 2 C rice), I only used 1 T of rubbing alcohol and 1/2 T of food coloring and it was too much. I ended up adding extra rice to use up the color. And it smelled too strong of the rubbing alcohol.

I recommend doing this at day time when you can do it outside or leave it outside to dry because the alcohol can smell pretty strong. I read on the blog that some people used vinegar instead.

I also dyed some macaroni green and yellow. I liked how bright and clean the colors came out with the rice. The macaroni colors didn’t come out so great since the macaroni started out as a darker color. But oh well. They’ll still be fun!

Here’s Haddie shaking the bags and then spreading out the macaroni to dry. She really enjoyed making them!



Though afterwards my kitchen looked like a war zone…


And not even I escaped the mess thanks to my eager beaver child and her excitement over food coloring!


Good thing bleach spray takes food coloring stains off counters. As for my shirt, it was a “play shirt” anyways! You can’t get mad about messes when you have a preschooler. Comes with the territory! I think the next cooking experiment is going to be scented homemade playdoh!


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