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Geoboard November 22, 2011

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This is a Geoboard: (well my homemade version)


I found this idea on a homeschooling blog (can’t find the page again to credit them though). Basically, you use a piece of sanded wood, paint (or spray paint), mark a series of dots on it using a ruler or grid paper. I made my dots 1.5″ apart in all directions. Then nail tacks into the wood. And tada, you have a geoboard.

Kids can then use rubber bands or stretchy ponytail holders to create shapes on the tacks.

Haddie has now learned what a rhombus and trapezoid are (and so have I) from the geoboard (and Wikipedia!).

She enjoys playing with it and I used it for tray time on the last homeschool day. The boys really enjoyed it once they figured it out. I also brought it on our Atlanta trip and it kept the kids busy for a while.


And here’s Haddie’s own creation of squares:



Letter Eggs

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I got this idea from pinterest. I was hoping it would help Haddie how to spell, rhyme, get more familiar with letters, etc. The pic on pinterest looked like it used letter stickers. I wrote mine on with permanent marker, but they seemed to wipe off pretty easy after just a little bit of use. So, I’ll have to go back and put stickers over it.


Anyways, we’ve only used them once (been a busy few weeks), but Haddie was begging to play with them when I was making them. We went through most of them once and she enjoyed it. Ill have to eventually come up with some lesson ideas to tie them in. I also want to eventually put word stickers on Lego blocks to build sentences (saw that idea on pinterest too).


Haddie’s Prayer Book

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I’m not sure how I originally came up with this idea. I remember that when Haddie was an infant, she had this cute
plush book with plastic pockets to put pictures of members of the family. She loved seeing each picture.

I have been thinking about how to get her to pray for more people, even those shes never met. I wanted a concrete way for her to see who she was praying for. So, I ended up creating this…


I printed out pictures of family members, friends w family who are sick with cancer, friends that don’t yet know Christ, etc. I put them back to back and laminated them. Then I punched holes in the corners and tied them together with a ribbon. I think I may eventually put them on a metal ring and I’m planning on printing out more pics of Seth’s side of the family and some of the persecuted Christian groups worldwide.

She prayed through them as soon as I finished making it, asking me what each person needed. And we’ve prayed through them a few other times so far. I’m hoping to get her accustomed to praying on her own more than just at night time.


Tactile Preschool Play November 7, 2011

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A couple of weeks ago, we pulled out the rice that we colored last night for Haddie to play with. I gave her a number of different utensils and containers to play with and she had a ball. I do recommend putting down a sheet before your kids start playing with rice though! It cuts down on the mess and corrals the rice so you lose less.


The next day, Haddie and Eli played with the noodles we colored. I like that they are bigger and easier to pick up, but they can get crushed really easy when they’re stepped on…so that makes more of a mess. So it’s negotiable as to which is better.


Another activity we tried recently was salt writing. We poured some salt onto a plate and let her practice writing her letters in it. She enjoyed it, but it quickly turned into playing and tossing it.



Pinecone Crafts

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At a park recently, there were tons of pinecones laying everywhere. I’d seen a lot of cute craft and Christmas decorations on Pinterest, so I went to collecting a big bag worth.

Teli and I ended up spray painting a number of them silver, gold and brown. So far we’re planning on just putting them in a glass bowl or hurricane vase (we’re going to have to search some thrift or Ross stores for some). I also bought some burgundy styrofoam small balls that look like cranberries to put in with them.



I also bought some deep red ribbon and eventually we’re going to make some Pinecone balls for our doors. Stay tuned!


Feet Soak- Listerine & Shaving Cream

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I found this foot soak recipe (is it considered a recipe?) on pinterest (the best place ever!). I thought it sounded quite interesting and it promised to remove the rough cracked layer of skin on your heels.

Here’s the link:
Listerine Foot Soak

The main idea is to put shaving cream on your feet, then wrap in a towel soaked in warm water and Listerine, then soak for 30 minutes. We used the Walmart off brand mouth wash and it worked fine.

It really did work and leave our feet feeling softer. I even made Seth do it (don’t tell him I told you!). I didn’t end up checking to see if his feet were anywhere closer to being presentable, but I’m sure it helped some.

The wrap made our feet tingly from the mint, I’m sure. It was definitely interesting. I’d probably do it again. Just make sure to wash the towels in a load with rags or plan on washing it all twice (the rest of the load will be listerine minty!).




Peanut Chicken- Slow Cooker

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The other night I wanted to use my slow cooker, but I wanted to do something new. I’d seen recipes for peanut chicken before, but I’d never tried it. And for some reason it just popped into my mind. So, I searched the web and here’s the recipe I found and used:

Peanut Chicken

It was really easy and it turned out really well. It was flavorful, but not overly peanutty. I used whole frozen chicken breast and shredded it after it was cooked. I also served it with noodles instead of rice.