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Tactile Preschool Play November 7, 2011

Filed under: Homeschooling — Lacey @ 6:25 pm

A couple of weeks ago, we pulled out the rice that we colored last night for Haddie to play with. I gave her a number of different utensils and containers to play with and she had a ball. I do recommend putting down a sheet before your kids start playing with rice though! It cuts down on the mess and corrals the rice so you lose less.


The next day, Haddie and Eli played with the noodles we colored. I like that they are bigger and easier to pick up, but they can get crushed really easy when they’re stepped on…so that makes more of a mess. So it’s negotiable as to which is better.


Another activity we tried recently was salt writing. We poured some salt onto a plate and let her practice writing her letters in it. She enjoyed it, but it quickly turned into playing and tossing it.



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