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Advent: Days 11-8 December 23, 2011

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Yes, I’m way behind on posting these. Here’s more of our advent calendar fun (counting down to Christmas).

Day 11

Numbers 23:17 & Revelation 22:16

Haddie’s says “Titus.” We’re still working on getting her letters in the right order. But you know, she’s only 3 so we have time.

Titus is her cousin and apparently the one she keeps planning on marrying. No, we don’t live in the hillbilly hills. I keep telling her she can’t marry her cousin, and she responds with, “well, he’s my boyfriend then.” Titus was around once during this discussion and he vehemently denied that he was her boyfriend. It was quite a funny conversation at that point! Well besides all that, she’s obviously enjoying a good friendship with him and enjoying doing our school time together!

Seth’s choice coincides with his recent work on getting all the camper pluming working right. Guess he’s thankful our house isn’t as complicated (at least right now!).

Day 10

Genesis 49:10

Come on, I know you all totally agree with mine, today, right?

Haddie’s makes me laugh. She was thankfully for daddy’s tools. Can you tell that shes been spending a lot of time working with daddy on the camper and using his tools? Yay for father daughter time and for mommy running errands solo time!

Day 9

Isaiah 9:6

Haddie’s says “moon & stars.” Jenco’s is the black chain link. And as you can tell he likes to really decorate his up.

Day 8

Revelation 22:13

Surely everyone agrees with mine, right? (the purple chain). And of course we’re all thankful for Seth’s choice, although I’m sure we all take it for granted a lot.

Haddie’a chain requires a special code breaker. It took me a bit to remember what hers was. She was thankful for “earrings,” even though she didn’t have any at this time. Today (day 4) she finally got her wish (and an early Christmas present):



Midnight Purging December 15, 2011

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No, no. I don’t mean the actual vomiting kind of purging. I’m talking about the throwing junk away and organizing kind. And yep, I went on a 4 hour cleaning and organizing binge tonight. And man, do I feel sooooo much better. Ok, I’m super tired now. But I’m excited to see the progress and to know that when I get up tomorrow (well, I guess later today), I’ll be miles ahead than I was only a few hours ago. It’s so nice to start out the day in a half way clean house.

I like my house clean. It doesn’t have to be spic and span, able to eat off the floor clean, but I do like a basically organized and tidy home. I thrive on organization. If my house gets too messy and cluttered, I feel like my whole life is in chaos. Messes stress me out. I can’t fully relax when I’m surrounded my piles of stuff that remind me how much I still have to do.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I let my 3-yr old make plenty of messes. And I let my naturally disorganized and laid back hubby make plenty of his own. Just take a gander into our garage or side yard, or better yet, his truck, and you’ll believe me. And I’m all for getting messy and having fun. After all, this is what we did yesterday in school:


But still, messiness has its proper time and place and it doesn’t belong in my house all the time. Yet, that’s really what it’s been for the past month or so. It seems like I haven’t been able to catch up. After 3 trips out of town, being sick with colds, Thanksgiving, and all the Holiday fun, I have gotten so behind in everything! It stresses me out. Especially since its a naturally busy time of the year anyways. And I want to enjoy it! I want to savor it all with Haddie since she’s old enough to get it and participate so much more.

But I’ve felt like a chicken with its head cut off recently (not that I’ve ever actually seen one!). And I’m so tired of always being in a rush, constantly interrupted from projects, never able to finish anything and constantly telling Haddie, “no, not right now, I’m busy.”

Alas, it’s been one of those self defeating cycles. I feel like I have so much to do that I don’t know where to start so I just don’t. That or I don’t want to do any of it and I can’t get myself motivated. Most mornings I have a hard time getting myself out of bed. I just feel so tired and worn out. But yet, I don’t feel like I’ve done that much to be so tired. It’s so self defeating.

Well, today, I had just had enough. I was so tired of having to walk through the obstacle courses, aka my bedroom, Haddie’s room and the office (the ultimate death trap!), that I got into a rare cleaning frenzy.

There I was cleaning Haddie’s room at 11 pm! Yep, she was still awake and slightly helping me. I had to take numerous sneaky trips out of her room to throw away a number of items. And finally, you can see the floor again and there’s no risk of injury or death.

Then I tackled my room. I finally completely emptied my suit case and duffle bags, put away laundry and actually hung up all the clean clothes! Yep, before they had to be put back into the dryer to be dewrinkled! Amazing, I know. I accomplished all this as Seth was passed out and snoring! I was so desperate to make some progress!

I made my own laundry soap after being inspired my none other than pinterest, of course. I did two loads of laundry to try it out. And now, drum roll please, I think I’m all caught up on all the clothes! Oh and the laundry soap seems good so far. But I’ll talk about that in another post I’m sure.

And finally, I got to the worst room in the house…the office. Seth finally got the shelves up for me earlier today so I set to work on organizing. The room was seriously so bad that it was bordering on a hoarder’s episode, except I didn’t have any rotting food or dead animals in there. Thank goodness!

Here’s what I accomplished in there:



So, I know it’s not going to be featured on pinterest any time soon (I’m not willing to spend a fortune on beautiful matching bins and such), but I’m so happy with the progress. It’s slowly turning into a nice school room.

So, now I feel accomplished. And I know that waking up will be much easier (well, maybe not since it’s so late). I’ll at least not feel so behind and overwhelmed before I get moving!

(and yes, I can’t believe I spent that long rambling about cleaning and organizing…)


Advent: Days 14-12

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Day 14

Matthew 11:19

The picture didn’t turn out real clear, so in case you’re wondering here’s what we’re thankful for:
Seth–his parents’ dog, Emett and their old dog, Rowan
Me–my dad
Haddie–her friend Eli (can you see how she attempted to write Eli?)

Day 13

Mark 1:24

Haddie’s thankful chain is a bit busy. Seems to go along with her many people she wanted to say thanks for today–Derik, Carmen and Uncle Joj

Day 12

2 Corinthians 9:15

Haddie did much better job at attempting to write the actual people’s names she was thankful for. Tonight she decided she was thankful for Aunt Addy and Uncle Jed (ok, they’re really her cousins, but we’ve decided to use Uncle & Aunt titles because thats the role we play with each others’ kids. And it just flows more naturally).

Oh, and just to be clear, Seth’s “drinks” that he’s thankful for do not include any alcoholic kind. Lol. We don’t drink. Just to be clear! Haha.


Advent: Days 17-15 December 14, 2011

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Please excuse the sideways pictures, my phone is a little crazy sometimes.

Day 17

Luke 1:78

Day 16

Colossians 1:15

Christmas Book:


Day 15

John 4:42


Advent: Days 20-18

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Day 20

Name of Jesus we learned:

1 Corinthians 10:4

(The original name on this ornament was Rose of Sharon from Song of Solomon 2:1. I haven’t figured out why they think it applies to Jesus. Plus, Seth said it can be considered an insult as in saying “you’re just average.” so, we changed the name to something more Biblical!)

Thankful Chain:
Me–our supportive & generous parents
Seth–the property

Day 19

Matthew 12:18

In case you can’t read Haddie’s (although she did a pretty good job for being 3), it says Jaz

Day 18

Mark 8:29

We did these last two days on the day we left for the camping trip, as you might be able to tell by our “thankful” choices.


Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

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Last week we attempted to use Haddie’s new Christmas cookie cutters. I searched online for a recipe and based on some of the reviews I decided to try this recipe.

It was delicious, but I couldn’t get it the right consistency to roll out even after 40 min in the fridge and another 20 in the freezer. It probably would have been fine if I had let it sit in the fridge over night, but I had an excited 3 yr old who was up past her bedtime. So we settled with making balls with the dough and flattening them with a floured bottom of a cup so she could decorate them.


And like I said, they were delicious. Especially for sugar cookies! They had flavor and were moist and fluffy. I followed the recipe except I omitted the zest and just added twice the amount of vanilla instead of the almond extract.

Here’s the recipe:
Sugar Cookies

And here’s an awesome and easy icing recipe:
Cookie Icing


Mexican Mess-Slow Cooker

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I know the title probably sounds less than appealing, but this recipe really was quite good. I found it here:

Mexican Mess

I was searching for a few new crockpot ideas and stumbled on a series in her blog.

This recipe was really easy and very yummy! I’ll definitely make it again, but next time I’ll probably add a package of taco seasoning so that it tastes more Mexican. Otherwise it seemed more chili-ish. But it was still good, even as left overs.

We used crushed up tortilla chips, sour cream, shredded cheese, and lettuce as our toppings.


Advent: Day 22-21

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Yes, I’m behind on posting these…

Day 22

Name of Jesus we learned:


Thankful Chain

Me–Church family

Day 21

Name of Jesus we learned:

(As you might be able to tell, I changed the name on this ornament. The original name was lily of the valley from Song of Solomon 2:1. I don’t know why they think it applies to Christ. Plus, Seth said its actually considered an insult, like you’re just one of the many. So they shouldn’t apply to Christ anyways.)

Thankful Chain
Haddie–our house
Me–our vehicles (yes, even the truck)

Christmas Book



HS Week 7: Scaled Friends

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So I’m a couple weeks behind on posting about our weekly homeschool day. I’ll slowly catch up. Here’s what we did during week 7 (dec 1).

We learned about reptiles (probably my least favorite of all the animal groups…since I don’t find snakes or alligators too cuddly or cute).

We spent time looking at different pictures of reptiles and naming them (snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles, tuataras [yep, I learned something too!]). We talked about basic reptile facts and then they went digging for reptile eggs (plastic Easter eggs with plastic lizards):




(Please disregard the tackiness in the background. That’s Seth’s area behind the garage and I can’t account for what he sticks there).

After they found their eggs, well, more like I had to help them. They were more bashful about digging and trying to find them than I expected. So I helped, and of course I forgot where exactly I buried them all. I didn’t mark the spots because I didn’t want to give it away to them. Yeah, kinda back fired a bit. But thankfully the sandbox isn’t that big.

And back to what I was saying, after we found their eggs, they spent quite a bit of time playing in the sand. Making sandy cupcakes, cookies, and muffins. They used their plastic eggs and cracked them open just like they’ve seen us mommys do. It was quite cute! Once they became bored with sandy cooking, we brushed off and went inside to do another reptile activity.

We made snakes. Nice, friendly, toilet paper roll snakes. I found the idea online (again, I can’t find the site to reference. But surprisingly I didn’t find it on pinterest!).


Next, we read the story of Noah’s ark and they colored their own mini books. Please excuse the upside down pics. I’m blogging on my phone and the app doesn’t have photo edit options…and my phone camera sometimes has a mind of its own. But you get the idea, right. These mini books are from the Twin Sister’s productions. They’re wonderful products!



And by that time, they were ready to have some free time to play!


I Spy Projects December 6, 2011

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After seeing numerous examples of I Spy games on pinterest, I decided to make one with Haddie. I used a plastic Tupperware type clear container that Publix’s cored pineapple comes in. I had plenty of glass jars, but I didn’t want to take a chance with it getting broken.

We went around the house looking for random small objects. We collected buttons, a penny, goldfish crackers, a few shells, two tiny plastic dogs, a couple tiny pairs of doll shoes, an “H” magnet (for none other than Haddie of course!), some teeny monkeys from a mini barrel of monkeys. I took a picture of each one, then put them into the container with rice. I put some rice in first, then a couple items, more rice, more items. You get the point. I wanted to make sure they didn’t get all stuck together. I also made sure to leave some empty space at the top so that it can all move around for the game. Then I superglued the lid shut. I envisioned a load of a rice mess otherwise!


I cropped each picture into about 1X1 inch mini pics then printed them out on photo paper. I cut them out, laminated them, punched a hole in each corner and tied them with a ribbon.


So Haddie can flip through the booklet and then try to find each item.

I also made smaller versions with Avery and Eden one afternoon. Here’s how I laid out their items for the picture:



Then they got to fill up their own jars. Unfortunately I didn’t have any clear plastic containers for them, so we used glass. But I didn’t glue theirs shut, so they could transfer it later.

These games are great for road trips or other calm activity times. Its even more special and fun if it’s kept away until these special times so they don’t get tired of it.