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Whole New Testament in a Week!?! December 2, 2011

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Recently I read a challenging quote on a friend’s Facebook status. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which friend or who originally said it. However, here’s the main challenge…to read the entire New Testament in one week. And why stop there? Why not read it all each week and start over again the next? Yep, for all 52 weeks! The quote made the point that you’ll be amazed at how familiar you become with God’s Word.

That quote (of course it was much catchier and condensed than my explanation), has been bouncing around in my head for a couple weeks and challenging me. And, I think I’m going to do it.

Yep, I’m crazy. I’m going to read the entire NT in one week. I’m going take up this challenge right after I finish my current Daily Bible reading plan (whole Bible in a year, arranged chronologically). That way I finish what I already started and I can wait until the holiday craziness is past, so I have the time it will require.

And yes, it will require some time. I found this one week reading plan online:

NT Reading Plan

Based on what this guy estimates, it will take 1.5-3 hrs a day. You may think that’s a lot (yes, I do, too), but I also have to admit how easy it is for me to waste that much time each day in watching Netflix, surfing the Internet (FB, I dare say), or getting lost in a good book. Yes, most of these things typically take place after my child is in bed, and yes, that means I’ll have to sacrifice sleep. But hey, if my current series addiction on Netflix is worth it, shouldn’t my God be even more so?

Anybody daring enough to take the challenge with me, starting in January?


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