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HS Week 6 : Fishy Fishy December 6, 2011

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(This is a bit of a late post. This is from Nov.9)

This week we learned about fish. They looked at different types of fish (clown, puffer, cow, sting rays, sharks, sea horses, etc). We talked about what makes a fish a fish, scales, fins, breathing through gills, lives in water.

Then they made their own aquariums from paper plates: (I found the idea on pinterest, but I can’t find the link again. It was originally from etsy I think).








They also spent some time doing “tray time.” in case you haven’t read any other of my other homeschool posts, tray time is when they each get to do a tray activity. They get 5 minutes on each tray then they trade until they’ve done all three. So they’re pretty much like stations, but contained on a tray. These activities sometimes relate to our lessons or the month’s Bible story, but many time they’re just to help the kids develop different fine motor skills and skills such as sorting, matching, etc. Here’s the trays we did this week:

1. Geoboard.
It took a little bit for the boys, especially Malachi to get the hang of it (since Haddie had already been playing with it before this). But once they got the hang of it, they really enjoyed it. Malachi would get so excited when he made a shape. I would suggest shapes for them to make and let them design their own.




2. Noah’s ark magnetic set
Since our Bible story for the month was Noah’s ark, we read a story (earlier) and had them play with this magnetic book set. They could put the animals in different stalls inside the ark or outside in the picture where it landed.




3. Macaroni Play
They played with the macaroni I had previously colored. They poured it, stirred it, and made a royal mess with it. Good thing they played this on a blanket. It wasn’t quite contained to the small tray, of course.




Overall, they seemed to enjoy the day’s activities. They got especially excited when they saw fish that looked like the characters in Finding Nemo.


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