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I Spy Projects December 6, 2011

Filed under: Crafts,Homeschooling — Lacey @ 8:30 pm

After seeing numerous examples of I Spy games on pinterest, I decided to make one with Haddie. I used a plastic Tupperware type clear container that Publix’s cored pineapple comes in. I had plenty of glass jars, but I didn’t want to take a chance with it getting broken.

We went around the house looking for random small objects. We collected buttons, a penny, goldfish crackers, a few shells, two tiny plastic dogs, a couple tiny pairs of doll shoes, an “H” magnet (for none other than Haddie of course!), some teeny monkeys from a mini barrel of monkeys. I took a picture of each one, then put them into the container with rice. I put some rice in first, then a couple items, more rice, more items. You get the point. I wanted to make sure they didn’t get all stuck together. I also made sure to leave some empty space at the top so that it can all move around for the game. Then I superglued the lid shut. I envisioned a load of a rice mess otherwise!


I cropped each picture into about 1X1 inch mini pics then printed them out on photo paper. I cut them out, laminated them, punched a hole in each corner and tied them with a ribbon.


So Haddie can flip through the booklet and then try to find each item.

I also made smaller versions with Avery and Eden one afternoon. Here’s how I laid out their items for the picture:



Then they got to fill up their own jars. Unfortunately I didn’t have any clear plastic containers for them, so we used glass. But I didn’t glue theirs shut, so they could transfer it later.

These games are great for road trips or other calm activity times. Its even more special and fun if it’s kept away until these special times so they don’t get tired of it.


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